The Movies I Like

As 2014 is around the corner with a new set of movies coming out, I thought I should give you some brief info about myself, and the movies I enjoy, and how this blog will work. First, a little about myself. I’m a Latino-American from the great and prideful city of Boston, MA. Other than movies, I enjoy watching and playing sports of all kinds, and helping out the teens and young adults in my community. I enjoy movies because it is my kind of art, I enjoy to watch a story unfold with my own eyes (or in some cases 3D glasses). Some people may enjoy art through reading, paintings, sculptures, tattoos, etc. My preference are in movies, where I can kick back, sip on some diet coke, and enjoy the show no matter what it is. My blog will review the latest in movies that I can afford (luckily Showcase Cinemas on Tuesdays are only $7.50 anytime), but there will be at least one review a week. I rate each movie on a five-star system with one being terrible and 5 being one of the greatest. Five things I look for in a great movie is story uniqueness, ¬†good character development and dialogue, I’m a big sucker for great action and graphics, if the movie does not bore me like some Oscar nominated movies (yeah I went there), and if the movie does what it suppose to do, meaning if the comedy movie is funny, is the action movie action packed, etc. One movies I mostly ignore, unless there are an overwhelmingly good reviews on, are horror movies (it’s just not my thing), foreign movies (I rather watch, not read), and Tyler Perry movies (Medea gets annoying and all his movies are the same, family has a big problem, almost tears the family apart, it doesn’t, and movie ends without solving the big problem). Movies I do genuinely enjoy are comedy and action(so yes summer movies are my favorite time) but I’m a big sucker for DC and mainly Marvel movies. I enjoy comic book movies like Spiderman, Ironman, Wolverine, and Batman and are the only movies i will fight through a lot of people on first night to watch. Don’t worry I’m not a Fan Boy that will hate the movie cuz Bruce Wayne’s hair is brown and it’s suppose to be black, I will judge the movie as a movie for the common people. I will watch all the Oscar buzz movies as well so I can like em, or for some cases hate them and mock the Oscars for it, but at least you will get an honest opinion out of me. One more thing before I end, these full reviews does contain (SPOILERS!!!) so if you haven’t seen the movies don’t read the whole article. However, if you want to see what I rate the movie, you will see the rating at the beginning of each blog, and the first paragraph of a spoiler free movie critique, but don’t go beyond that. I hope this is as entertaining as my FB blurbs and I see this as a service for my fellow movie goers, and please feel free to comment below. Thanks!!!

-Hans Martin Jr.