That Awkward Moment

(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

That Awkard Moment was disappointingly not funny, and you couldn’t really relate to the main characters, especially Zac Efron’s character. Add that to a cliched romantic comedy plot, you get a not so good movie. Rating 2 Stars out of 5

Let me admit to something before I break this movie down. I’m not a fan of the romantic comedy genre. I’m not a hopeless romantic (maybe that’s why I’m single), and I always thought these types of movies are corny, and let’s be honest, it is made for women (especially teen girls). Yet, with that said, I always get suckered in to watch. Maybe it’s because of the actor I like, or maybe I give it false hope for it to be really funny. There are a few romantic comedies I like, like Silver Linings Playbook, but most of these movies are just cliched. In this case with That Awkward Moment, I really thought this movie was going to be funny. Especially with Miles Teller in the cast of the movie. Teller has impressed me with his comedic performance in 21 and over, and thought it would be the same. I’m also starting to become a fan of Michael B. Jordan. Jordan has definitely impressed me with his past performances in Chronicle and Fruitvale Station (a role that should have Oscar consideration, but i will save that for another article) and I knew he would do good in this role. I’m not a fan of Zac Efron (yes I am a hater ladies) and I knew that I will probably hate him in this role. So let me start with a so-so to the horrible in this movie.

Here’s what I thought was so-so in this movie that didn’t make it completely horrible. First was the character of Michael B. Jordan as Mikey. He was the only character i can relate to, and actually felt his pain in going through a divorce with his wife Vera, who was played by Jessica Lucas. Unlike Efron and Teller’s character, he wasn’t trying to be a player when it comes to women. He wanted to be committed with someone at an early age, and got married early. It ends up that his wife was the one that wanted to be a player, and mess with the mind of a young guy. He tried to his best to save his marriage, and for what, for nothing. I feel his pain, and a great character development for Jordan as Mikey. There is a moment in the movie where it actually made me laugh out loud, and it was the combination scene of Zac Efron’s character, Jason, looking for a dildo for what he thought was a costume party, but ends up to be a formal party. Just seeing Efron and Teller playing with different kinds of dildos at the adult store was funny to watch. Then when Efron’s character came into the party wearing the dildo out of his pants, and realizing it was not that kind of party. Then meeting his “girlfriend,” played by Imogen Poots, parents still with the dildo out. That was a funny awkward moment that got me laughing, unfortunately that was the only part.

Now for the parts I didn’t like in the movie. First the story line was a cliched typical romantic comedy movie. It’s all the same which goes: boy or girl meets girl or boy, they have an interest and start going out on dates, girl or boy starts to fall in love with boy or girl, can’t express cuz of a problem they have, the problem escalates and almost break up, boy or girl ask for forgiveness to girl or boy, they make up, final kiss. Pretty much that what happens in the movie, but what made it worse was their problem was they don’t want to break the guy code of staying single, and end up lying to each other and the girl interests. Really now. I also didn’t like their character development for Teller’s character, Daniel, and especially Efron’s character as Jason. Teller as Daniel really tries hard to be the comedy relief of the movie. He says some lines that can make you chuckle, but for the most part, he comes out as a douche and that’s not good for a person who is trying to be funny. I’m just glad he found a good girl with Mackenzie Davis, playing Chelsea. One thing about Davis’ character is that she wasn’t explained how they know each other when the movie started, and got me confused. As for Zac Efron’s character, to me, he was a player who was ultimately a jerk to women. He ultimately starts a interest with Poots’ character as Ellie, and Efron messes up not once but twice with her mainly for being a straight a–hole. Especially the second time where Ellie’s father died and asked Jason to come to the funeral. He didn’t because that means he is really in a relationship, and doesn’t want to break the code with his boys. Really now. I thought what Jason did was unforgivable and didn’t deserve Ellie back, but low and behold they do, cuz it is a cliched romantic comedy (Ugh, I hate this). If it was funny for the most part of the movie, i probably would’ve endured with a better attitude, but unfortunately it wasn’t and that’s disappointing for me.

Overall, guys if your significant other wants to see this movie, try to find a good excuse not to, cuz you will be bored or angry, or both. Girls, don’t torture your man with this movie, at least have him watch Silver Linings Playbook, hell, even Titanic would be a lot better. It is what it is, but I hope Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan can move on from this, and Zac Efron just stays in the purgatory of horrible movies!!! Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

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