The Lego Movie

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(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

The Lego Movie was a beautifully animated, very funny, and with a catchy song. Just when you think this will be a typical hero animation movie, it creates a hertwarming story that everybody with their families can enjoy. This movie everything is awesome for sure. Rating: 5 out of 5.

I knew this movie had the potential of being good, but I didn’t think it will be really good. It definitely blew my mind and exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think a movie about the toy Legos can succeed, because it would be a one big commercial movie. Or worse, trying to force some type of crazy story line into a toy or game to a dreadful movie like Battleship. However, as you watch this movie, you can tell that they put in a lot of thought in this movie, and created a movie that is great not only for kids, but for adults as well. It’s definitely a feel good movie, where your whole family can get together and watch, laugh, and be inspired with what it brings to our attention while watching. I’m totally grateful for this movie, and i can’t wait to watch it again with my niece and nephew, or if I have future kids. It is up there with The Lion King, Toy Story, Shrek, Monsters Inc, and Up as my favorite animated movies. Let me break it down why this movie is so great.

First off, be on the look out for Phil Lord and Chris Miller in the future of them directing and writing in movies. These guys made good movies so far like in 21 Jump Street and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Phil Lord has written the script for The Lego Movie, and with his direction made this to a memorable movie. These guys, if they haven’t before, have supplanted their names in movies now, and I can’t wait for what they have installed in the future. The animation in this movie was great, it was like watching Legos being built up. It might look strange at first, but once your eyes settle in, it is a great spectacle to watch. I was in awe of how that kind of animation worked out, and how creatively they used Legos to create a picture. I credit the animators big time for the beauty of watching this movie, and definitely painted a great picture of a world made of Legos. It blew me away.

I thought the voice acting was great. Chris Pratt was perfect for the role of playing the hero of the movie as Emmet. A character who was a regular joe that was chosen to save the Lego world, and Pratt did put the great emphasis of accepting his role and doing it. Will Ferrell playing the villain of the movie, Lord Business, was great as well. There is something about Will Ferrell playing a villain role that turns out great. He has the demeanor and the crassness to make a great villain, and he can blow up to be psychopathic like what he did in his role of Mugatu in Zoolander. But as Lord Business he had the perfect blend of evil and craziness to make this movie work for everybody to watch. His plan for the world to freeze with Krazy Glue, known in the movie as Kragle, actually did have a point (more on that later). I loved how the movie had many different characters like cowboys, police officers, superheroes, and astronauts. Morgan Freeman playing the wizard guardian, Vitruvius, was great, but you knew any thing involving Freeman’s voice will be good. Nick Offerman as a hybrid pirate, Metal Beard was good, and I didn’t recognize his voice so that is great voice acting. One of my personal favorite is Will Arnet playing Batman. Not only did he voiced him well, but the way they written his character was very Batmanish and yet Legoy in it’s own way. Just when you thought Batman was screwing you over, he comes back and shows why he is a great hero. My other personal favorite is Liam Neeson playing Bad Cop/Good Cop. Playing two completely different roles with a character that has a split personality is not easy, but Neeson nailed it. I liked it when he does play Bad Cop and when he gets angry and starts throwing a tantrum it is freaking hilarious. Also, cool points for Shaquille O’Neal playing Lego Shaq. The whole movie as a comedy was great. With many jokes that was funny for kids and adults alike. There were moments I was laughing out loud. The Duplo joke at the end was awesome. Their song in the movie, “Everything is Awesome,” was very catchy for me. I thought the point of the song was to make it annoying, but for me I kept singing after I walked out of the theater. So I believe that song will stick with me for a while.

There was a moment in the movie that really made from a good hero animation movie to a great animation movie. That is the moment where Emmet goes into the real world. That scene shows that what we just saw was all in a imagination of a kid playing Legos. With the the cameo (is it really a cameo if his voice was already there?) of Will Ferrell as an adult father of the kid shows why the Legos are in danger of The Kragle (or Krazy Glue) which kind of makes him the real villain in a sort of way. For a lot of adults Legos is a collection of things you made, and you want it to stay that way. So in this case Will Ferrell’s character was using Krazy Glue to make model creations with Legos, and didn’t want anyone, including his son, to mess with it. At first he was annoyed at all the things his son messed up in, and as he is trying to fix things together, he realizes the creativity his son has put into his creation which makes him realize that he demoting his son’s creativity. So he allows him to not only finish off his story, but to allow him to play creatively. To me it was a powerful moment that where not only the movie, but Legos in general show that the purpose of the toy is for people to creatively build a story with their imaginations. Yes there are some Legos sets that come with a set of instructions to create, but the main point is to create a story and have fun with it. Many adults use Legos to create something, and that’s that, but what this movie tells you is that it is really to have fun in what you build. That scene has told me a lot about why we need to let kids be kids, and encourage their creativeness, cuz it is something very special for them as part of growing up. A movie that makes me think like that is up there with great movies of mine.

Overall, as I said before, this movie is great for everyone in the family. It also inspired me to play Legos again (if it weren’t so expenisve, I buy a set now). It makes me want to go back to Florida and play with my niece who is starting at her age of creativity. Show her what I learned when I played with Legos when I was a kid. This movie took me back as a child, and how special it was. This movie was more powerful than I thought it would, and that’s great!!! Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars.