Muppets Most Wanted





(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Muppet Most Wanted you get what you expect if you’re a fan of The Muppets, even though the plot is a typical caper style, it’s still funny with great music for people of all ages!!! Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Since I was a kid, I was always a fan of the Muppets, since The Muppet show, to the movies, and especially the cartoon, Muppet Babies. They were classics. With classic characters like Kermit the Frog, Ms. Piggy, Fozzy Bear, and Gonzo. Eventually it’s time went away in the middle of the 90’s and it almost became an after thought. Until 2011 when they came out with a new Muppets movie, and pretty much revitalized the Muppet franchise. With that movie and this movie it’s great to see them back in action, but what I love the most is seeing many many celebrities acting or cameoing in these movies. It shows how much respect people have for this franchise, and paying their respects for the late Jim Henson. As for this movie, it definitely didn’t disappoint. If you’re a fan of the Muppets, you will enjoy this movie. I will start with what I like to the so so in this review.

What I liked, the fact that I am watching a Muppet movie. No crazy changes to story and the characters, and decided to bring back a caper type of movie which is no stranger to the Muppets. The comedy was hilarious and appropriate for all ages. The music was great as well, I couldn’t pin point a song as good as the Oscar winner “A Man or a Muppet,” but the music was entertaining nonetheless. As for the none puppet actors, I thought the main cast was pretty good. Starting with Ricky Gervais as, Dominic Badguy who also played the part of a villain working undercover, this role was tamed for a guy like Gervais, but he did well in pretending to be a good guy for the Muppets, but carrying out the plan for the villain. Ty Burrell playing Interpol detective Jean Pierre Napoleon was indeed comedic, I thought he played with great chemistry with the Muppet Sam Eagle in trying to figure out who are the robbers. Each scene was definitely hilarious, especially where they were showing who has the bigger badge. Most of all I thought Tina Fey playing the Gulog prison guard, Nadya, was great. She definitely makes her presence known who is in charge in front of the prisoners. Even though she’s a force to be reckon with, she was still hilarious and that’ what made her great. Some great cameos from many different celebrities doing random stuff, three of my favorites are Usher playing a wedding usher, Ray Liotta and Danny Trejo playing Gulog prisoners, (Seeing thise two though guys do ballet and singing Boyz II Men was just hilarious, and Christoph Waltz dancing with Swedems. Lastly, I liked the villain Constantine, who is a Russian crook who looks like Kermit, except for the mole on his face, that teams up with Dominic to replace himself as Kermit, and try to steal the British Jewels and frame it on The Muppets. For a children’s villain, he was sinister and wacky enough to entertain kids for this movie, even though his plan was ridiculous.

Now to the so-so, the story of the movie was a typical caper type storyline, even though it kind of paid homages to the 50’s and 60’s caper movies. Just wish they could come up with something better, but in the end, it barely worked. They also the movie tried a little special effects, at first it looked like cheap CGI, but I learned that they tried to use the real puppet in their effects. I guess it brings more “realness” to the movie, but it was not great when they used it. Last thing is the love interest between Kermit and Ms. Piggy, a relationship that has been going on since the 70’s. They started to hash out about them two getting married. I have to tell you I wasn’t really feeling that part of the movie. If it wasn’t for the Constantine using Ms. Piggy for his master evil plan, it would’ve been a Muppet soap opera and that would’ve killed the movie. At least they made it somewhat tolerable to take in this movie.

Overall, this is another great episode with these classic puppets. It seems like puppets are not cool nowadays for kids, but if The Muppets and Sesame Street still continue to entertain and educate kids (and some adults,) we can still enjoy them and rehash our childhood memories!!! Rating 4 out of 5 Stars.



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