X-men: Days of Future Past


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

X-men: Days of Future Past was definitely epic, greatly acted, and well written, I loved the fact that they put in a lot of thought into the story, and really tried (and almost succeeded) to put all the movies together to make sense. 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

I love the X-men franchise. To me probably one of the best comic book story lines in both Marvel and DC comic book history. I believe their story is a great metaphor for us today and before in history touching on racism, bigotry, and politics. It’s a story that should be taught in English classes, cuz it’s that good for a franchise. The movies have been an up and down franchise which for the most part I have enjoyed even though there were major continuity issues. It does seem like they don’t care, and that is why it worried me about this movie. It is one of their best story line comic wise in my opinion, and we were either in for a treat or a disaster. Thank goodness it was a treat that we as X-men fans can enjoy. I will start with what I liked to the so-so.

What I liked, I really liked the fact that they put some thought into their writing to make a good movie that ties in all the X-men movies. They realized that the continuity of each movie has been questionable to say the least. So they wisely use this story line to bring it all together. They almost succeeded (more on this later), but it is the thought that counts and I give them credit for the majority of the tie-ins. I like that they made very cunning remarks about their future when they are in the past, especially with Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, giving them hints about their future. Some of their tie-ins also played a big part of the story, like the struggle of the young Professor X, played by James McAvoy, of choosing to walk and not use his great powers, or use his great powers and not walk. A great dilemma to watch him go through, but I like the process of him realizing his purpose and potential. Same with the old Magneto, played by Ian McKellen, and his realization of why his political method for mutants is not the right way. You can see the sorrow in his eyes when he expressed his regret to Professor X. Same with Mystique, played by the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence, in realizing what is the right way. It reminds you of the Civil Rights Movement in history, and I believe that is the point the X-men story gives you, what is the right way to handle people who don’t like you cuz you are different. Some new characters in this movie have been impressive. One of them is Peter Dinklage playing Boliver Trask. Comically speaking, Trask has been the biggest influence in going against mutants, and Dinklage does play this role well. It is ironic that he plays a short man (not saying the M word for them) hating other people who are different. He almost had the government on his side by his creation of the Sentinels to destroy mutants, and he showed it by his bigotry and manipulation and that comes with great acting. The other new character that really exceeded my expectations is Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters. I was not going to lie, but looking at his costume before the movie, I thought he looked like a douche (which he kind of was) and that whole stupid deal with Marvel and Fox studios sharing their characters with all their lawful contracts mumbo jumbo, but director Bryan Singer painted his power of super speed to the movie and made it awesome. That scene where he uses his speed and switched up the guards to make it easier to break young Magneto, played by Michael Fassbender, and how easy he made it look. It’s hard to describe it in words, but before the soup is dropped, he managed to do everything to help the breakout and even tasted the soup before it spilled to the floor. That was so awesome. I also liked how the future sentinels with Mystique’s powers show how strong they can be to become a force to be reckon even though it created Armageddon. I mean, they tore Colossus, played by Daniel Cudmore, apart even though he is made of strong steel. Some of the strongest mutants put up a great fight, but the Sentinels were relentless and comes through to finish them off. Most of all, I enjoyed seeing the true power potential of a young Magneto. I mean this dude picked up RFK Stadium and made it land at the White House. He shows his hatred towards humans, and will do what it takes for him to succeed. I also enjoyed seeing Mark Camacho playing Nixon. Most of all the movie was epic, cuz for the sake of the X-men, and mutants in general, Wolverine and the young X-men need to succeed for their survival and avoid Armageddon. That’s why I love the conclusion of this movie, cuz not only did he succeed, but everything looks like how it suppose to be. Mutants living in peace, and bringing back characters from past movie that has died, has come back. Most notably Famke Janssen as Jean Grey and James Marsden as Cyclops.

The so-so, even though they did try close all the loopholes of all the movies, it still lead me with some questions. Like how did the old Professor X come back after being obliterated by Jean Grey as The Dark Phoenix, how did Magneto get his powers back after being injected with The Cure to turn him human, and how did Wolverine get his adamatinum claws after being chopped off by The Silver Samurai? But as I said before, they did try hard to be successful and I give them credit for that. This movie does make it forget about their past, and replay for the future. Couldn’t have it any other way. I’m disappointed of the lack of role for Storm, played by the beautiful Halle Berry. Comically she is very powerful, but all the movies didn’t do her justice. Also I was excited to see Bishop, played by Omar Sy, didn’t barely talk. He did show his power, but didn’t show his true potential and that is a little disappointing as well, cuz I enjoyed his character in the comics. Also the after credits scene, I knew they were going to show something about the next project in the X-men franchise which is about Apocalypse, and during that scene I was getting so excited, but when they finally show Apocalypse’s face, it through me off cuz it looked like a women. I’m sure they will explain it, but what a feeling of excited to confusion in a matter of milliseconds. Not a great feeling for me to go through.

Overall, this movie didn’t disappoint even though it had a lot of red flags for it to suck. Instead it stored my faith in Fox that it can actually make a good X-men movie. So now I could take a sigh of relief, and look forward to X-men Apocalypse which is my personal favorite story line. I hope they do this right and not slack off!!! Final Rating 4.5 out of 5 Stars.









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