A Million Ways to Die in the West (The Nut Job Sidenote)


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

A Million Ways to Die in the West started off with a few chuckles, but the jokes got so old real quick that it made the movie boring to watch, at least the movie had some great scenic cinematography of the Arizona desert. Rating 2.5 out of 5.

I personally am a fan of Seth MacFarlene. Since his days of Family Guy, to the movie Ted, and even hosting an Academy Awards show. He’s got the whole package of comedy, music, and even some well thought out drama. Creating memorable characters like Peter Griffin, Stewie, Brian, Ted the Bear, and many others. Also keeping ties with his New England roots (which is where I’m from), and never forgetting the 80’s culture. I expect his craft in the comedy business. I really thought his cowboy comedy movie would be the funniest since the classic Blazing Saddles, unfortunately, this was a laid egg for Seth MacFarlene. I will start with what I didn’t like, to the so-so, to what I liked.

What I didn’t like, the movie was pretty much like an R-rated Cowboy Family Guy. Some of the jokes did remind me of Family Guy. They like to take a joke and really stretch it out. For example, when Neil Patrick Harris character, as Foy was crapping on the hats, it gave you a chuckle at first but when it drags out, you are just repulsed by it. Didn’t help that they showed the diarrhea, and it looked like black beans. (Won’t be eating black beans for a while.) It did have a lot of good actors and cameos, but the story just wasn’t that good for the good acting to save this movie. The story was really about a character with relationship issues, and he becomes a hero against a tough bandit, but with all the lame jokes about sex, religion, race and toilet humor just got old real quick. Once it got old, the movie was straight up boring.

The so-so, the characters were likable to say the least, Seth MacFarlene playing Albert Starks playing a regular person living in the old West who needed a change of scenery after breaking up with his girlfriend Louise, played by Amanda Seyfried (who does have big eyes). You kind of feel for him and his character as he goes through with it. Charlize Theron playing Albert’s next fling, Anna Letherwood, was like a breathe of fresh air to Albert and teaching him confidence and shooting. Liam Neeson playing the villain, Clinch Leatherwood (I know it’s a knock off of Clint Eastwood), acted well as a villain for a subpar movie. Even Sarah Silverman and Giovanni Ribisi, playing as a couple in Edward and Ruth, were funny at times. All these good actors for a a failed comedy movie. Some funny moments was Albert’s relationship with his parents, the racist Runaway Slave game and the cameo of Jaime Foxx, as Django, destroying it, and Christopher Lloyd reprising as Doc Brown from Back to the Future 3. It’s not MacFarlene comedy without a reference of the 80’s and also a musical scene which they did with square dancing, which I thought it was neat.

What I liked, I liked the cinematography and showing the landscapes of the Arizona Desert. Each scene showing the beauty of their canyons and mountains was great for the eye. I give props to MacFarlene and the Cinematographer, Michael Barrett, for showing that at the very least. However, this was a comedy, not National Geographic.

Overall, as I said before, this was a dud comedy for Seth MacFarlene. Still have love for the guy, but he has to do better than that. Maybe another Ted movie would get him back on track. As of right now, let Blazing Saddles reign supreme in Western Comedies. Final Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

(Sidenote- The Nut Job: First off the title sounds like a porn title, but it’s a movie for kids, go figure. The movie was about park animals trying to gather food for the winter, and have to rely on a selfish squirrel to save the day. Even though the movie is animated nicely and the voice acting (which includes Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl, Brenden Fraser, and Liam Neeson) the story was too rushed. When you blink you miss something, and that’s how this movie went. There is a subplot of mafia gang members trying to rob a bank, but it made the story even more confusing. Rating: 2.5 out of 5!!!)