The November Man (Sidenote: The Grand Budapest Hotel)


 (SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

The November Man is a a confusing and horribly put together movie, they try to make a good movie with plot twists, but they were too cliched, their action couldn’t save this dreadfully chaotic movie. Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

Let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of Pierce Brosnan. Why you may ask. Well I just think as a person he’s too pompous for my liking, and it shows in his movies. He almost always plays the guy so full of himself. Even as James Bond I wasn’t a fan. I give the benefit of the doubt for Goldeneye, but the rest of the Bond movies are subpar to me. (Thank goodness for Daniel Craig for giving the Bond movies a breathe of fresh air, and in case you were wondering I believe the original James Bond is the best one, and that is Sean Connery.) Bronsan just doesn’t do it for me. With that said, The November Man actually looked pretty good. Unfortunately like almost all Bronsan movies, I was disappointed. I will start with what I didn’t like, to what I liked.

What I didn’t liked, other than Bronsan, playing CIA Agent Peter Devereaux, playing his usual pompous self as a pompous and cocky agent, the story was downright confusing. I wasn’t sure what was going on until the very end of the movie. The whole movie had Agent Devereaux trying to do good, then they have the CIA with Agent David Mason, played by Luke Bracey, who are trying to stop Agent Devereaux in whatever he is doing, but since Agent Mason is Agent Devereaux failed protege, he wasn’t to bother him to show how much he sucks. (Confused already, don’t blame you.) So they get a tip on someone who is trying to sabotage a Russian politician named Arkady Federov, played by Lazar Ristovski, and that someone is named Mila Filapova, and everyone is trying to find her. So they pretty much kidnapped a social worker who worked with her named Alice Fournier, played by the beautiful Olga Kurylenko. Then for a stupid subplot, the Russian politician sends an assassin named Alexa, played by Amila Terzimehic, to kill the people trying to sabotage him. Then the dreaded cliched plot twists where Alice Fournier ends up to be Mila Filapova and wants to kill Federov because of his involvement of the Chechen War and how he killed her family and sexually abused her as a teen. Then the biggest cliche is that the head of the CIA John Hanley, played by Bill Smitrovich, in Belgrade ends up to be the bad guy who was involved with Federov and wanted to cover it up by making Devereaux the enemy. All in all Devereaux finds incriminating evidence that convinces Mason, and take down Hanley. Also, Filapova testifies to bring down Federov as well.  When this story is told they don’t really explain why these things are happening? Why people are turning on each other? What the hell is going on now? It was a chaotic mess for me to care what happens in the end story wise.

What I liked, I liked that the action is down to earth with real stunts. I give a lot of appreciation to the work they put in to make these real stunt action. This what made the movie watchable, but it didn’t save this movie. It almost seem like the director, Roger Donaldson, at the end was like screw it just add action scenes cuz this story sucks. Also, I liked how this movie ended. Once we find out  that Federov is a perverted rapist with what he did to Filapova as a teenage girl, I believe everybody who stayed for the whole moviewanted this man dead. Just when you thought he got away alive but losing his political job, it ends with him getting shot in the head while partying with younger women at a boat. That gave me little satisfaction with this movie.

Overall, Pierce Brosnan continues to make disappointments for me, and I believe he should just retire. But people that I’m not a fan of seem to always haunt me in a bad way with their continued appearances in the media world. Final Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

(Sidenote: The Grand Budapest Hotel- I have to say, if it wasn’t for the people recommending this movie, I would’ve completely missed this surprisingly enjoyable movie. It is directed by Wes Anderson who redeemed himself for me, because I did not like Moonrise Kingdom. It is an enjoyably weird movie that was actually really tastefully funny. There were moments where I laughed out loud. I enjoyed the old school cartoonish feel of this movie as well. I enjoyed the acting by Ralph Fiennes as the hotel Concierge Gustave H. I liked how fun and quirky Fiennes played with this character, and how overtly polite he is no matter the situation. I also enjoyed how Tony Revolori acted as the young Zero Moustafa you plays a bell hopper for the hotel and becomes Gustave H’s protege. I like that there are Guatemalean actors representing in movies as well. I liked Adrian Brody playing the foul mouth protagonist in Dmitri Desgoffe un Taxis who framed Gustave H. For murdering his mother and uses his enforcer J. G. Jopling, played by Willem Defoe, to make sure everything goes right and cleans it up. The main story is funny and I liked the overall emotional subplot of how important the hotel is to now an old Zero Moustaffa who is the owner of the wore down hotel, and why he won’t get rid of it. The movie may be wierd, but it is a joyfully witty movie to watch. Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.) 



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