Interstellar (Sidenote: God’s Not Dead)


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Interstellar, once you get through the science jargon and space theories, it is a very interesting sci-fi movie with a lot of emotion with an ending that will either blow your mind or leave you confuse, to me it did both, but I believe that is what Christopher Nolan wants. Rating: 4 Stars out of 5.

I love Christopher Nolan’s craft as a movie director. This guy does it all in making a good script, directing, and producing a movie and really makes the story down to Earth as possible. Memento was very original and cleverly written to make a unique movie experience, Inception he took up a notch mind blowing us with the story of people taking over your dreams and minds, but my favorite was his Batman trilogy. A franchise that was struggling film-wise and he revitalized by making my favorite superhero into a dark, gritty, real Batman movies with memorable villains like Ras Al Ghul, The Joker, and Bane. It shows that Nolan has the chops to create something unique and entertaining for all of us. Now he decided to take on science fiction (sci-fy) and making a movie in his own way to make another impact in the filming world, and best of all he is bringing in the most recent Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey, into the fold. I knew this will be interesting. I will start with what I like, the so so, to what I didn’t like.

What I like, the story though not unique was perfect for the sci-fy genre. A saving the world type of movie that involves people going into space to find a habitable planet beyond our universe for people to move on from Earth where they can’t grow crops to feed people cuz of the dust storms that destroys the soil to farm. Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, a former engineer who became a farmer and a single dad who raises two kids with his father in law. He runs into an underground NASA facility and was selected to become a pilot to go into space and find a planet that is habitable for people to move into. McConaughey continues his McConaughsaince in a strong acted movie. I tell you, his movies and acting has come a long way from being horrible to now an Academy winner. With Cooper is all about relationships. He shows that he is a family man really caring for his kids and spreading his knowledge to them. You see a big relationship with his daughter, Murphy, played by Mackenzie Foy who is really interested in his knowledge of science and technology even though Cooper is a farmer now. She is a smart girl who really loves her father but is upset that her father is going on a space voyage not knowing when he will come back. But he promised her that he will in whatever shape or form. His relationship with his son, Tom played by Timothee Chalamet, is a typical father and son relationship where he is more understanding of what his dad is doing, but pretty contempt in being a farmer than engineering. With Cooper, you always see that his family is his priority and motivation when he goes on his voyage. His space crew involves of Amelia Brand played by the beautiful Anne Hathaway, Romilly played by David Gyasi, and Doyle played by Wes Bentley. His relationship is a bit rocky with them at first, especially with Amelia, but they all have one simple agreement is to do what’s best for the mission which ultimately is saving the world from human extinction. Their boss is Amelia’s father, Professor Brand played by Michael Caine, who is weighing all the options to make it possible for people to live and survive and solving the final step of the equation to make that a reality. I loved the way Nolan makes space travel as realistic as possible with scenes that are so quiet you could hear a pin drop, and making a universe as seen through a cool circular ship/space station called the Endurance that travels all the way to Saturn and through the wormhole to another universe. The story goes that they sent one astronaut to each planet and if there is a chance that the planet is habitable for people they send a sign for NASA to send more astronauts to bring them back and confirm that this is the best planet for the human race, and out of twelve only three sent a signal. The rest either died or stay there forever. I like how in usual sci-fy movies they have a helper robot to help the astronauts, but Nolan decided to go with walking machines that looks like a box with a screen that can talk called TARS and CASE, voiced by Bill Irwin and John Stewart. TARS was the sarcastic one that provided the comic relief in the movie, and something new presented in the sci-fy world. The movie really goes on the scientific theory of the time continuum, which means that in another galaxy time may be slower than where Earth is and one hour for a person in another galaxy could mean 10 years for Earth. When the astronauts went to the first planet it took them a couple of hours, but when they returned to the Endurance it took 23 years, and showed Romilly, who stayed behind, how much he aged. People of Earth could send messages to the Endurance but can’t receive and shows how much Cooper’s children has grown. Tom grew to an adult, played by Casey Affleck, and continued with the framing business and started a family, while a grown Murphy, played by Jessica Chastain, ended working for the underground NASA under Professor Brand’s wing. The biggest twist of the movie was when they go to a planet where there is nothing by snow and ice and rescued the astronaut there, Dr. Mann, played by the great Matt Damon. It was a deep moment when they woke up Dr. Mann from his cryonic slumber, and how emotional he was that they came to save him. However, it was all a lie cuz Dr. Mann knew this planet wasn’t habitable but didn’t want to die here and go back to Earth and lied to NASA for them to come get him, even if it means killing them to come back. He almost succeeded, but he was to stubborn to fit his ship into the Endurance which caused an explosion killing him. This cast became All Star with Matt Damon coming along and kind of playing a villain. The emotion between all actors really made the movie down to Earth (no pun intended), and made a sci-fy movie almost realistic which is what Nolan likes to do with his movie craft.

The so so, probably the weirdest or coolest part of the movie that bends reality with fiction. Cooper decided since there is no fuel left to go back home, he let’s go of Amelia to the last planet while he decides to go through a big black hole called Gargantua in hopes of trying to reverse time and change the future. While there, his ship falls apart and all of a sudden he’s in a new dimension where he can see what’s going on in the past through his daughter’s room. He can’t talk to them, but he could shake the walls to make things fall. In the past his daughter thought it was ghosts which leads to a message where Cooper finds the underground NASA, but in reality it’s Cooper in the future in the fifth dimension. At first he tries to convince his old self to stay, which his daughter figures out but couldn’t convince him. He then realized he can relay a message on how to save the world and bring people to the new world to his grown daughter through using the Morse Code through her watch that he gave her before he left. She sees the watch and Murphy figures it out and k it’s what she has to do. She solved the equation which Professor Brand couldn’t solve and given up before his death. It leads to Cooper coming out of the fifth dimension and back to his own universe where he is rescued by a ship that is a tentative home before the new world is ready. There he meets his daughter again as an old women on her death bed while Cooper is still at his normal age. It was an emotional reunion where Cooper kept his promise that he will come back to her. Then she gives her last wishes for her dad to move on and start a relationship with Amelia who is still alive and her own age at the planet she is preparing for the people. It did have a happy ending which is cool but rare in a sci-fy movie. However, that fifth dimension scene was to me mind blowing and confusing at the same time. It was mind blowing for me because it shows (theoretically speaking) what happens when you go into a black hole and creating a fifth dimensions. The movie gives it take on what they believe what theories are true. It’s confusing because when all this is happening you’re mind is going through different places and it leaves you going, “What the hell just happened?” Even the morning after I was still shaking my head trying to put everything together. That scene was so random, but awesome at the same time which makes this a cool sci-fy movie. I believe Nolan wanted to make this mind blowing and confusing by using science and logic and theories and make this intense scene. He wanted people to react the same way as I did and he did a great job at it. Bravo Nolan, but my head is still spinning on how confusing that whole situation was. To me it was Inception times two in complex stories, and it really was just that scene that was complex.

What I didn’t like, probably the reason that lead to my confusion. The movie, especially at the beginning had a lot of scientific jargon in their dialogue. It made the beginning scenes a little slow before the astronauts started on their voyage. I’m not a science major, but I understand why a person who is into science stuff would love this movie. I’m just not one of them.

Overall, the movie shows why Nolan is a genious in his craft. Probably not his greatest movie, but an effective one to add sci-fy in Nolan’s repertoire. I believe sci-fy fans will love this movie, and it will entertain their scientific minds!!! Final Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.

(Sidenote: God’s Not Dead- Christian movies have definitely come a long way. They use to be corny religious movies, but now it is starting to become more powerful, meaningful, and entertaining. God’s Not Dead shows how well these types of movies have come along and inspire people about God’s word. Did it had some flaws, it definitely has, but their biggest message was clear and powerful saying you can’t prove that God does or doesn’t exist, but it is your choice to choose and have faith in what you believe in. A college student name Josh, played by Shane Harper, takes a philosophy class which Professor Radisson, played by Kevin Sorbo, teaches where right at the beginning he wants the whole class to say God is dead, but Josh stands up for his beliefs and sacrificed a lot of things, including his girlfriend, to prove to the professor on why God’s not dead, and pretty much succeeded after all crap Professor Radisson put him through. The movie is very intelligent and smartly written for those powerful scenes of Josh vs Professor Radisson. It had too many unresolved subplots in the movie, but it does bring some good messages like everything happens for a reason through God, and Satan can give you happiness and success sometimes. The movie did take a shot at liberal media, but I’m willing to look past that, and express my belief that God’s not dead. Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.)

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