Big Hero 6


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Big Hero 6, it was predictable for me, but the movie is a fun superhero movie to watch, especially if you are a technology nerd, but everyone can enjoy this movie. Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.

Disney will always be the animation movie King. From early on they made some classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Pinocchio, and many others. Then when I was born, I remember other Classic movies like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and my personal favorite, The Lion King. Then they took a turn for the better when Pixar was created and made even more classic movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Up. Disney has made classics after classics in animation movies no matter what year it is, they keep making great animation movies for children and adults to enjoy. They will remain kings, and especially now that they hold the rights to Marvel’s universe, they can find stories that not many people have heard about and create another good movie. That’s what they did with Big Hero 6. It is a comic book story created by Marvel (A story I haven’t heard of, and I’m a Marvel fan), and they tweaked the story to make it their own Disney style. It is enjoyable, and I will start with what I liked, to the so so.

What I liked, the animation for this movie was beyond great. The animators created a futuristic city called San Fransokyo. A cross between San Francisco and Tokyo, Japan. I liked how the city captures the essence of both cities, and made it their own, and both cities are high when it comes to technology which really makes sense to use for this movie where technology is their main theme. The voice acting was pretty good, and I enjoyed the different characters in the movie. I will start with Hiro, voiced by Ryan Potter. Hiro is a boy genious who graduated from high school early, but isn’t sure what to do with his life. So he decided to go to illegal robot battles where he is successful in winning battles with his robot creations and making money. Of course that leads to his arrest, and getting bailed out by his foster Aunt Cass, voiced by Maya Rudolph. He does have an older brother named Tadashi, voiced by Daniel Henney, who always looked out for his brother and sees his true potential. Tadashi is also a genious and goes to this technology University. There he works as an inventor, and decided to take Hiro to show what he does and why Hiro should get involved. Hiro sees all the new inventions that are being made, and is really impressed with Tadashi’s invention. His invention is a big inflatable robot that helps with giving healthcare to people named Baymax, voiced by Scott Adsik. Baymax knowledge of healthcare is great and can diagnosed what’s wrong with you by scanning the person and curing them. Hiro is inspired and wants to enroll, but he has to make an invention that will impress Professor Robert Callaghan for him to be accepted to the university. With Tadashi’s help, he invents little microbots that work together and they can shape shift to anything that the person wearing the special headband thinks of. This does impress Professor Callaghan but it also impresses Alistair Krei, voiced by Alan Tudyk, who is the founder of Krei Tech Industries and offers him a job. Professor Callaghan tells Hiro that he uses technology for things that benefit himself, even if they’re unethical. Regardless, Hiro chooses to attend the University and work with Professor Callaghan. After that, Hiro and Tadashi hear there is a fire going on in their laboratory. Tadashi hears that Professor Callaghan is still in the burning building and he tries to save him. Unfortunately, the fire kills Tadashi and supposedly Professor Callaghan. This was the most emotional moment for me, because I can’t imagine losing a brother, especially a brother you look up to as a father figure. Obviously, this leads Hiro into a deep depression and it leads him to interacting with Baymack again. Baymack will do anything to help Hiro’s depression which leads to both of them finding a guy with a mask making more of Hiro’s microbots and using them to wreck havoc in the city. This leads to Hiro reuniting Tadashi’s friend’s at the laboratory and turning each of them to superheroes with their own inventions as their power. Starting with Baymack, where Hiro makes him a superhero suit with rocket fists, a bigger scanner, and wings for flight, and Hiro programs him to learn karate. The next hero is GoGo, voiced by the beautiful Jaime Chung, she invents electromagnetic wheels to bring speed to vehicles, and uses those wheel disks to ride with her feet and throw them like Capatain America’s shield. She is a very determined girl. The next hero is Wasabi, voiced by Damon Wayans, Jr., he invents lasers designed for cutting which leads to him having laser blades for hands which can be lethal. He is a person that is very organized and by the rules type of person which can lead to setbacks from the team. The next person is Honey Lemon, voiced by the beautiful Genesis Rodriguez, she invented a paint substance that can make metals disappear or turn to a jelly ooze, which leads her to have little balls for her to throw at any given time. She is very compassionate and loves what she does. The last hero is Fred, voiced by T. J. Miller, who tries to invent radical things like making himself to a fire breathing dragon, he has a costume of a fire breathing monster that actually blows fire. He tends to be laid back and a comic book nerd. Who also the son of really wealthy parents who have a big house and a butler. Other than Hiro, he loves being a superhero. With all these superheros together they become the Big Hero 6. Hiro goes in it for revenge to the man with the mask, because he believes he’s responsible for Tadashi’s death, and even programs Baymack to destroy. Of course, the rest of the team stops him which lead to the man with the mask escape. This leads to Hiro to become angry with the team, but Baymack shows him love, cuz he knows it will make him feel better and showing him videos of Tadashi building Baymack up. This inspires Hiro to do what’s right. The twist in this movie is that the person with the mask is actually Professor Callaghan who faked his own death and takes Hiro’s microbots invention to try to have revenge and destroy Krei Tech Industries. The reason for this revenge is that Callaghan and Krei used to work together and invented teleportation portals. When it was time to send a person through the portal through a government presentation, there was a irregularity, but Krei still went through with it and sending Professor Callaghan’s daughter, Abigail, through. Unfortunately, she never came out, and Professor Callaghan blames Krei for his ego that cost his daughter’s life. So now he brings the portal back to destroy his business and almost succeeded. However the Big Hero 6 came through, and put a stop to him. However, Baymack senses a human in trouble in the portal, and Hiro and Baymack goes in to help. There they find Abigail in a cryogenic sleep and Baymack is ready to get her out. Unfortunately, debris destroys Baymack’s superhero suit and sacrificed himself to save Hiro and Abigail, much to Hiro’s chagrin. The Big Hero 6 ends up saving the day, and Hiro discovers the microchip for Baymack to work and builds another Baymack which world like he never left. The chemistry between them is very strong. This leads to the Big Hero 6 to become superheroes to fight evil. I like the after credits scene where Fred looks at a picture of his dad, who ends up to be a Stan Lee cameo, and discovers a secret room where Fred’s dad is a superhero as well, and he shows up to have a long talk with Fred. I also enjoyed the opening cartoon called Feast, about a stray dog adopted by a guy who feeds him regular food with his dog food until he finds a girl who has him eat healthy food, much to the dog’s chagrin, but return back to junk food when he breaks up with her. The dog leads to him reuniting with the girl, and they ended up getting married, and having a child that feeds the dog regular food. This cartoon packs a lot of emotion as well.

The so so, the story is a good story, but you seem it before. Every typical Disney movie almost always have the main character have someone in their life die which motivates the character to do good. Disney has made some guy wrenching deaths that give children nightmares, and for this movie it is the most powerful moment. Which leads me to predict a lot of things on this movie. I knew that Tadashi was going to die, that was almost a given for me. I also knew that they would find Abigail in the portal and try to rescue her, and I knew that Hiro will build another Baymack. I kind of knew that Professor Callaghan would be the man behind the mask, but I wasn’t 100% on that prediction. Since it is a typical Disney movie, I knew some things were going to happen, but it is still a good movie to watch. Just the graphics and the comedy alone is enough to enjoy this movie.

Overall, the movie is predictable, but it is an entertaining movie for everybody from kids to adults to watch and enjoy. Disney still reigns supreme in making the best in animated movies, and probably will continue their good pace for as long as it stands!!! Final Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars.

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