The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (Sidenotes: The Boxtrolls, The Book of Life, and Boyhood)


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water had its funny moments and really captures the essence on why we love this cartoon so much, but in the end their gags got old real quick.

Rating: 3,5 Stars

The cartoon SpongBob Squarepants always seem to amuse me no matter how I feel, or how many times I watch the same episode. That is why I am a fan of the SpongeBob cartoon, and it has become an icon in our pop culture history. Yes the cartoons have lost its luster a little as it progressed over the years, but you have to admit that it is always a joy to watch SpongeBob and Patrick going through shenanigans which will definitely amuse you. I can’t wait to show these cartoons to my kids, and share the same laughs as I did. The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie was great in continuing this great franchise, and it was time for another one to either A: continue the franchise or B: bring it to a close. Regardless, I will be amused at the very least when it comes to this iconic franchise.

What I Like: The movie is funny. It continues to amuse me in many different ways. I guess the main reason is that they know that their gags are stupid, and that is what makes it funny. In a weird sort of way, that is the essence of this SpongeBob franchise, its stupidity that really amuses me. That’s what it always have been, and it didn’t fade off in this movie. I like how they added their twists in this movie as well. Like SpongeBob, voiced by Tom Kenny teaming up with Plankton, voiced by Mr. Lawrence to save Bikini Bottom after it turned to an apocalyptic land after they realize there are no more Krabby Patties because the secret formula disappeared. I like of the apocalyptic bikini bottom paid homage to the movie Mad Max with their own twists. As usual it wouldn’t be SpongeBob without a good song which in this case it’s about Teamwork. Of course the character that almost always steals the show is Patrick, voiced by Bill Fagerbakke, his dumbness really makes it funny, and shows why we all love Patrick even though he is dumb. I like the new characters they introduced like the talking dolphin from the future named Bubbles, voiced by Matt Berry. I like how he talks and then he makes a dolphin sound as if that’s how he stutters. (Once again, it’s so stupid, its funny.) I also enjoyed the real life pirate named Burger-Beard, played by Antonio Banderas. He eventually becomes the villain that actually stole the secret formula to start his own burger restaurant in the real world. Banderas was funny, and a great sport to play this role. The talking seagulls also added some good comic relief as well. The animation and special effects in the third act of this movie was pretty good and enjoyable, and really gave it a breathe of fresh air for the SpongeBob franchise. I like how the whole crew becomes a superhero Avengers-like team to stop Burger-Beard. It was entertaining and fun to watch.

The So So: The title can be misleading cuz it was only the third act where they were out of water, but the way I see it, it was three mini cartoons in one. (Or a episode and a half of this show.) The Bikini Bottom apocalypse, SpongeBob and Plankton time traveling, and coming out of water and becoming superheroes to stop Burger-Beard. That’s the way I see it which can be lame for a movie, but it still captured the essence of SpongeBob in this format, and it still was enjoyable to watch.

What I Didn’t Like: As I said before that the essence of SpongeBob was that it is so stupid that it is funny. With their gags, inside jokes, other things. It might work well in a episode, but for a movie, it got old really quick where all I can do is shake my head. I’m glad the movie was only 90 minutes long, cuz another half hour would make me almost hate SpongeBob. (Almost.) Also, I didn’t like the fact that Plankton becomes good, and learning teamwork from SpongeBob and really helping them out in the end, but in the end back at Bikini Bottom, he reverts to evil again and trying to steal the secret formula. I guess old habits doesn’t go away, but I believe they could of written something better for Plankton.

Overall, if your a fan of the franchise of SpongeBob Squarepants, you will enjoy this movie. It’s great for the kids, and the older generation that grew up with SpongeBob. This movie will continue the franchise, but I believe it is time to end it on a good note. I’m just ready for that final episode where they finally reveal the secret formula and all is well in the world. That would be a satisfying ending to a great and funny franchise for everybody!!!

Rating 3.5 Stars


(Sidenote: The Boxtrolls- This movie is fun to watch. It did capture the essence like the other movie produced by Laika in ParaNorman. It talks about a town named Cheesebridge who are haunted by these creatures called Boxtrolls who like to take things from the people. After these Boxtrolls kidnapped a baby, the city hired an exterminator named Archibald Snatcher, voiced by Ben Kingsley. He is obsessed in catching them so he can sit in Cheesebridge’s highest table of leadership. The baby that the Boxtrolls kidnapped, Eggs voiced by Isaac Hempstead-Wright, actually raised him to be a nice young boy which he ends up saving all the Boxtrolls from Snatcher. It is a little predictable, but the stop motion animation was on point. My only gripe with this movie is if these Boxtrolls can’t speak English, only gibberish, than how the boy they raised since he was a baby learned English. Other than that, if you enjoyed ParaNorman, you will like this movie.
Rating: 4 Stars.)


(Sidenote: The Book of Life- This movie is gloriously animated, very artful, and surprisingly cultured. The movie is a love story involving characters from the Mexican holiday The Day of the Dead. I had a joy watching this movie which was funny and heartwarming. Shows how strong love can take you, even to death. The voice casting was almost perfect, however, I thought hearing Channing Tatum (the hating is back) and Ice Cube were off tuned from the rest of the cast. For the people who enjoyed A Nightmare Before Christmas, you all will love this movie.
Rating: 4 Stars)


(Sidenote: Boyhood- I was ready to tear this Oscar nominated movie apart. Before I watched it I thought the whole filming a movie for twelve years with the same actors and actresses was just a gimmick that the Oscar fell for again. (Like the year The Artist won.) I thought this movie was going to be over-hyped. As I starting watching this movie, not only it got my attention, but I really enjoyed how the movies theme is about life and how we should see the different viewpoints from a child to a young adult. The boy to young adult actor, Mason played Ellar Coltrane, really progressed as an actor during all these years, while his sister Samantha, played by Lorelei Linklater lost her touch as the movie progressed. I really enjoyed Ethan Hawke playing their father, Mason Sr., who was a cool down to Earth dad which you see the kids relate to more. While you see their mother Olivia, played by Patricia Arquette, become more of the disciplinarian which she slacked off more and more as they get older. I mean she complains a lot and married some abusive husbands after Mason Sr., and just complains too much. At least she stuck with her life goals and completed them as her life progresses. Director Richard Linklater, really worked hard in this movie which really shows, and his writing really captures a good philosophy about life. Every person who studies Developmental Psychology should watch this movie to have a great visual aide in their studying life. One thing that bothered me is the amount of cursing both parents do in front of their kids, and how the mom lets her son drink and smoke weed with no problem, but I guess these parents are laid back to their truest form and they learn as life goes on as well. Also i wished they transitioned the years better so I wouldn’t get confused when it is a year later. I don’t think this is the best Oscar nominated movie, but I believe it will win it. If you show you work hard, the Oscars will see that and award you for it.
Rating: 4 Stars)

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