Get Hard (Sidenote: The Drop and Men and Men, Women, and Children)


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Get Hard had its funny moments with great comedic chemistry between Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, but the story was just too formulaic and that’s a shame.

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Will Ferrell, I don’t know what it is, but he is comedy gold. Maybe it’s his comedic demeanor, his methods in his characters that he plays, or maybe he is a likable guy. I’ve always enjoyed his antics since Saturday Night Live, and always look forward for his interviews in the late night shows cuz you just don’t know what craziness he does. Some of my favorite characters he plays are Ron Burgandy in Anchorman, Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, and Jackie Moon in Semi-Pro. Yeah he made some horrible movies like Land of the Lost and Beeitched, but what actor is really perfect. He also does well in a dramatic role, do yourself a favor and watch Stranger Than Fiction and Everything Must Go. Never seen a person who is iconic for his comedic crying and yelling. I’m just glad that he is here to make us laugh one way or another. Get Hard is just another moment to take his antics to another level and work with another comedic actor. They may be on to something.

What I Like: One thing I definitely see is that Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart definitely has comedic chemistry. They worked their characters well to really develop and be funny with one another. I believe they need to do more movies together cuz this matchup works. I wonder how much of their lines were unscripted, because I believe that what made the movie as a comedy work. The movie has its comedic moments. Seeing Kevin Hart playing Darnell Lewis coaching Will Ferrell’s character, James King, in preparing him for prison. Darnell, for a guy who didn’t got to prison, really coached him well. Seeing James trying to act tough was just hilarious. Probably my favorite scene is seeing Darnell playing different characters to James to get him ready including a gay guy, it really showed me that Kevin Hart really does have the acting chops to be in a good movie. Also the fake riot scenes that ended up with James getting stabbed in the head was just hilarious.

The So So: Before I watched the movie I knew that the story had a lot of potential as a person training a business white guy to be a hard person in prison after being convicted of fraud. I knew it would make some comedic moments, however, the story really didn’t live up to it’s potential. I almost knew how this movie was going to end. It was like a typical comedy who tried to be an action movie in the end. Usually the villain is someone close to the character who is nice at first but evil in the end. In this case, it was James’ father in law and business boss Martin Barrow, played by Craig T. Nelson, who framed James for him to avoid prison time. This movie had strong potential to put a political angle of the evils of capitalism, but they didn’t capitalize in the end. Instead they just had a fight scene with Martin’s guards in a yacht which set up a funny but comedically forced Will Ferrell fight. The only part that really had me laughing is seeing Kevin Hart slapped somebody in trying to protect himself. I feel like this movie was a wasted role for a perfect comedic pairing in Ferrell and Hart, and that is a shame.

What I Didn’t Like: For some comedy moments it was either corny, racially insensitive, and crude. No I don’t want to see Will Ferrell almost performing a lees act involving a real penis. Might be funny seeing Will Ferrell act black, but do you really want to see all the black stereotypes. I don’t, and to be fair they had white nazi stereotypes as well, which doesn’t make it right in the first place. Also all the gay jokes, which I expected from a movie called Get Hard, was just too much for my liking. A perfect comedy should know how to balance it out.

Overall, I feel like this movie could’ve been a lot better than what it was, but I give it credit for finding gold in a potential comedy duo. At least for the most part the movie had me laughing, and for a comedy that gives it cool points in my book!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars


(Sidenote: The Drop- This movie stars Tom Hardy and James Galdofini (RIP) in a mob movie about a bar that money launders for the Russian mob. It was an interesting movie, but the pace of this movie was so slow. Regardless, it is fun seeing Tom Hardy act with a Brooklyn accent, and seeing the final role for Galdofini. If you like mob movies, you will like this.
Rating: 3 Stars)


(Sidenote: Men, Women, and Children- This movie had a strong cast of Adam Sandler, Jennifer Gardner, J. K. Simmons, Judy Greer, Rosemarie DeWitt, Dean Norris, and Ansel Elgort. This movies shows how society is overtaken by the Internet and Technology and how it affects our culture now. It shows how no matter how strict or lenient you can be with your children and technology, there is still no perfect solution. Also how the Internet can affect your regular life and family. I was interested at first, but I soon drifted away because it seems the movie goes around in circles. Once it got to the climax, I really didn’t care what happened. Some decent acting at least.
Rating: 3 Stars)

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