Hot Pursuit


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Hot Pursuit has to be the most annoying movie I’ve seen in a while, it was dumb, not funny, predictable, and pretty much a waste of time.

1.5 Stars

Before the negativity on this movie begins, let me go on record as to say that I respect these two women in their roles in movies and TV Shows. Reese Witherspoon has already proven to me that she has the acting chops with her many awards including an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. I may not like her comedy movies as much, but they are adored by many people. Especially her role in Legally Blonde which i don’t get why people liked it, but it is what it is. I personally love her dramatic roles like Walk the Line and Wild. As for the beautiful Sofia Vergara, she is great at what she is capable of doing in her acting roles. Love her in the TV Show, Modern Family where she is hilarious with her Colombian accent. (I love her accent, it gets to me.) Funny thing is, I first heard of her when she got Punk’d in the show, and I was like who is this beautiful women. Then I saw her act in Four Brothers which made me believe that she will be a typecast as an angry Latina woman, but gladly am wrong. She put her stamp in the business with her own unique personality, and always look forward to see where she goes from here. Two strong females that have the sky as the limit, I mean after this horrific movie, I hope.

What I Like: Seeing the beautiful Sofia Vergara makes this movie a little worthwhile. Just love hearing her talk. (Don’t judge me.) However, probably the best part of the movie is seeing the blooper reel at the end which actually made me laugh, and actually show some chemistry between Witherspoon and Vergara.

The So So: Seeing Jim Gaffigan playing Red as a typical suburban Texan was amusing to me. Especially when he shot his fingers off while seeing Witherspoon and Vergara with the most awkward kissing scene I’ve seen in a while. However, the way that whole scene went down seemed completely forced and not funny. The pay off made me laugh a little bit, but I was already annoyed by this movie to really enjoy it. Even with the plot twists which were so minor was like whatever for me.

What I Didn’t Like: Where can I begin? Let’s start with the direction of this movie. Director, Anne Fletcher probably didn’t know how to handle Vergara’s acting. All her funny one liners seemed forced and under executed. Her transitions were weak in this movie, the emotional value that this movie tried to have is forced and ungenuine, and the comedy was too dry even for a slap stick type. She had a great thing bringing these two women together as leads, and just completely dropped the ball. It seemed Witherspoon and Vergara had better chemistry off camera than in the movie and that’s a shame. The story was blah. Predictable and cliched, and reminded me of other C-type cop/comedy movies that were better than this movie. Too many plot holes, but the biggest one is why were the cops on the drug dealer’s side. To me that wasn’t explained well, and was a big part of the movie. For Witherspoon, I was so annoyed with her character as officer Rose Cooper. She was a daughter of a well respected cop who use to take her to the job with him since she was a baby. (That sounds real safe for a child.) This made her learn everything there is to be a cop, and wanted to walk on her father’s footsteps to be a great cop. Pretty much the living under someone’s shadow cliche. She gets her big break in taking a witness to testify in the drug dealer’s case, but things happen. From the beginning I was annoyed with this character as a by the book cop, the whole time I was rolling my eyes with her Texan accent trying to be a tough cop. Mix that with Vergara’s character as the typical angry Latina women typecast, you just get a big mess. The height difference between them makes it amusing in a not so good way. Wasted role for both of these actresses, and I hope they can just move from this and make better movies.

Overall: I thought just having these two actresses would make the movie watchable, but turns out, not even they couldn’t save this atrocity of a cop/comedy movie. It is a waste of time, and really that’s all what I can say!!!

Rating 1.5 Stars