Mad Max: Fury Road


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Mad Max: Fury Road is a pure action movie that definitely pays homage to the original trilogy and then some, fans will love it, regulars will appreciate it.

Rating 4.5 Stars

I have to admit that before I watched this movie, I had to go watch all the Mad Max movies that starred Mel Gibson so I can have a better understanding of the story of this movie. After doing that, I have to say that the Mad Max movies are pretty enjoyable to watch. It was like the original Fast and Furious movies of the 80’s that involves crazy cars, and people trying to sabotage each car. Every movie involves a big car chase, and that’s the shtick of it. My personal favorite was Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, to me that story really set the tone for the Mad Max movies, and had the great action sequences. The first Mad max really develops the character of Max Rockatansky, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome got a little too childish for me, but who can forget the Thunderdome scene. As I watched all of them, I knew I was ready for this new Mad max movie, and thank goodness i did.

What I Like: The Mad Max franchise hadn’t been made for 30 years, but it was worth the wait. With the technology of movies they have now, then what they had before, this movie excelled in their action and made it a big movie to remember. This movie franchise needed today’s special effects and still play their mythos of the original franchise. In other words, you still watched a good Mad Max movie with todays action and special effects. Director George Miller proved he still has his creativity, and creating a world with some crazy but cool characters. Tom Hardy was recast as Max Rockatansky, a character that was only played by Mel Gibson. It was a risky move to recast, but it was the right the decision. The movie franchise can continue with their story and not worry about an old actor rekindling their young adult life. Tom Hardy didn’t really look like Max, but he did have his attitude which boded well. What was interesting is that he barely talked in the movie and let his actions speak, the great talking acting belong to Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa and Nicolas Hoult as Nux. The city the movie decorated for this movie was called The Citadel where it is ruled by their leader Immortan Joe, played by Hugh Keays-Byrne. (Same actor who played the original villain in the first Mad max movie, thought that was interesting.) This villain was a cross between Darth Vader and Dr. Klaw from Inspector Gadget. He demanded a respect and presence when he speaks, however, he is a shady leader keeping all the scarce resources of gas and water to himself and little for his people. So naturally, it caused a rebellion from his trusted driver Furiosa to drive a rig full of gas and try to escape The Citadel with Immortan Joe’s breeding wives whom he uses has blessed treasure. I liked how determined Furiosa is in leading these wives with the audacity of hope of living in a better part of the world. Her hope is what fuels her even if it kills her. Her teaming with Max creates a great duo in trying to escape from Immortan Joe. On the otherside of the coin, you have Nux who is a soldier for Immortan Joe, who was fed with lies that he will be rewarded for his work with special treasures in his afterlife, after sacrificing himself for Immortan Joe. It is what fuels him to fight and be a faithful servant. I believe his character was developed great from being a soldier led by blindness, to finally opening his eyes and realizing the truth of Immortan Joe’s tyranny and helping out Max and Furiosa. His developed 180 in taking sides was great to watch, and shows how love can really change that when he meets one of the wives. The action scenes were great which pretty much is one big chase scene, but I enjoy seeing cars and motorcycles crashing to each other and seeing people flying across the screens. It was fun to watch, and from the sandstorm, to the mountains, to the plains at night, to seeing guys fly from poles was a joy to watch. I really enjoyed the soundtrack to this movie. Junkie XL has really outdid himself in making a soundtrack masterpiece. All the action was made better throw the soundtrack, and enjoyed every minute of it. Also Immortan Joe’s death scene was gruesomely awesome.

The So So: The cool yet pointless scene was seeing the car that carried the drummers and the guy with the electric guitar flamethrower. Don’t get me wrong, it was cool to see, and created that cool action scene with Max trying to fend himself off. However, there was really no point in having this guy to begin with. He was there just to look cool pretty much. Maybe i’m over analyzing it, but still, this is almost as bad as the flute player in the old Civil War battles.

What I Didn’t Like: Once again, thank goodness I decided to watch the original Mad Max trilogy, cuz if I saw this movie without any knowledge of it, I would’ve been lost. For a sequel that comes out 30 years later, they should at least give some back story to what has happened to the world and to the character Max. Pretty much this movie started with a bang and just continued running. It was cool, but for the sake of the story for the newcomers, it was definitely needed. (For what it’s worth Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior should be more than enough to understand the whole concept of this franchise.) Also, would it kill to at least have a cameo of Mel Gibson who was the original Max Rockastansky. I know Tom Hardy was playing his character, but this franchise is known for reusing actors for different characters. That would’ve been the ultimate homage. Maybe later I guess.

Overall, for the fans of the Mad Max franchise you will love this movie, it is the Mad Max you all have been waiting for, and you won’t be disappointed. For the regular movie goers, you will appreciate the film and the action at the very least. But do yourselves a favor and watch the original trilogy, it will make this movie that much better. Trust me!!!

Rating 4.5 Stars

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