Spy (Sidenote: Black Sea)


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Spy may be a typical spy action movie, but it was funny and clever, Jason Statham actually made me laugh, a lot.

Rating: 4 Stars

Another movie genre that may be quite overused is the spy genre in movies. Yet, they tend to be the most fun to watch, even though the bases of the storyline can be the same overused type of story. It all pretty much started with the James bond movies (will talk more in depth about that when Spectre comes out), but there has been plenty of other ones that were just as fun to watch, or dreadful to watch. I personally like when they add a comedic twist to the spy movie that makes it more fun and enjoyable to watch with its jaw dropping action. Other than the 007 series, I enjoyed the Mission Impossible series, and even the Austin Powers series (except for the third one) which were hilariously funny. Even with all the twists and turns these type of movies bring, they may be completely overused, but as long as the acting and action is good, it is here to stay. As for this movie called Spy (very original title), I have to be honest, I found out about this movie a week before it came out. What was really more shocking to me was the great reviews it already is receiving. i checked out the trailer and it made me chuckle a little bit, so I had to see it (Sorry Entourage). This may be this summer’s diamond in the rough movie.

What i Like: The comedy of this movie was pretty funny. At the beginning, it was too random with a few misses, but once it got going, it was pretty funny. i believe the comedy took a turn for the better when they introduced the character of Agent Rick Ford.played by Jason Statham. Statham was always the tough, rugged, action hero that we all got used to and like, but as a comedic actor, he surprisingly nailed it. His antics and one liners were on point hilarious, that once i see his character come up, I start laughing cuz I know something funny is going to happen. I never thought I see the day that Jason Statham would make me laugh, and a lot. That was something new and refreshing for me. As for Melissa McCarthy. playing Susan Cooper, I was hoping for something good for her sake because after Bridesmaids, her movies weren’t that great, like identity Thief and Tammy. In this role she came back with her comedy that best suits her. She had great chemistry with Jude Law, playing Agent Bradley Fine, and with Jason Statham. It was fun to watch them together be funny and cool. It was hilarious seeing her in her undercover outfits as sad losers. My favorite part is when she plays the villains so called bodyguard, Rayna Boyanov played by Rose Byrne, and how funny she played a tough undercover role. As for Byrne playing a villain, it leaned on more on the comedy side which worked as well, and another person who had good chemistry with McCarthy. I also enjoyed Allison Janney playing CIA director, Elaine Crocker. Janney fits well playing the boss in her role, and it is enjoyable to watch as well. What I liked most in the comedy is that they go on the thin line of lewd to tasteful comedy, but they never cross it. That goes to great writing to make this movie fun and hilarious. The one liners were pretty funny. A couple of my favorites are, “I look like someone’s homophobic aunt,” and “You look like a reject from the Sound of Music.” Statham had some hilarious lines as well gloating about how great of a spy he is, and then messing up right after his gloating. Director Paul Feig, really made a good action movie without over doing it. It was the right blend of action and fighting that didn’t make me dizzy. I appreciated that big time in the movie as well.

The So So: The movie doesn’t get away with the same old and cliched spy storyline. Pretty much a nuclear bomb is created, and about to be sold to a terrorist. We heard that before plenty of times. It was also a nothing to something movie for McCarthy’s character as a computer analyst to a field spy, which worked well, but still typical. The comedy really made this movie, and without it, it would’ve been really mediocre or less. Actress Miranda Hart playing Cooper’s friend, Nancy Artingstall, and employee had her moments in comedy, but I thought she was a weak link in the acting of the movie. One question i have for this movie, if this is a CIA American spy team, why are there a lot of British spies? That doesn’t make sense to me, but i guess British actors make good spies, and villains as well.

What I Didn’t Like: When Agent Fine was supposedly dead at the beginning of the movie, I knew he was going to comeback. Though I thought he would come back as the main villain, I give it credit for the movie that they went with the rogue angle for Agent Fine. I knew he wasn’t dead right from the gecko, and it was a matter of when and how. The other villain in this movie, Italian playboy Sergio De Luca, played by Bobby Cannavale, wasn’t that impactful with his role in this movie. It was almost forgettable. The movie really used the rich man turned villain cliche with him which was a swing and miss in the movies part.

Overall: This movie is a fun, spy/comedy, popcorn flick for people to watch and even kill time. I guarantee you will laugh a few times in this movie, and shows that maybe the spy movies are still here to stay!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

(Sidenote: Black Sea- Another movie with the cool, calm, and collected, Jude Law. This movie had a Armageddon feel to it, but with a smarter script. As a laid off submarine worker decides to go on a mission with a group of British and Russians to take a submarine down to the Black Sea to uncover a sunken Nazi submarine that was rumored to have gold treasure in it. I liked how real the action in a submarine was (granted i didn’t see Crimson Tide or U-571), but the cabin fever between the Russians and the British wasn’t that fun to watch. When they did work together it was cool to see how they try to complete their mission and survive. The movie has a great twist, and shows a lot of emotions, especially at the end, but the movie can drag on and be slow in some scenes. A decent watch if you ask me.
Rating; 3.5 Stars)

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