Risen (Sidenotes: Crimson Peak, Cop Car, and We Are Your Friends)

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(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Risen is a different and interesting take on the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, though the conversion of the soldier may seemed rushed, the message is clear to inspire!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

It is the time for a lot of movies about the Bible come to the theaters. Especially about the story of Jesus Christ, which has been done countless and countless of times. There has been other Bible stories that were made into films. Some good, like The Passion of the Christ, and some horrifically bad, like Noah. However, the story of the life of Jesus and his ministry has always been made. What’s interesting is that every new movie that comes out, you see the different takes or viewpoints to try to make their movie unique. Some is good enough, while other angles just didn’t work. At least with the new technology in films, it gives a fresh sense of newness that you can enjoy briefly. When I saw the trailer for this movie, Risen, I was intrigued with the angle the movie gives, about a top Roman soldier tasked to finding the body of Jesus to prove that He wasn’t resurrected. It gives a unique twist to this story that all Christians know very well, and it was a big fresh breathe of newness you need.

What I Like: The story is unique following a Roman soldier named Clavius, played by Joseph Fiennes. The movie showed how great of a warrior he is, and how loyal he is to the government of Rome. The story starts right at the death of Jesus, played by Cliff Curtis, and how he made sure that He is dead. Making sure that He is buried and guarded, and ultimately His resurrection. Clavius was a non-believer, and as the body was missing, he was sure that he was going to find the body. As the story goes, it was like a detective mystery kind of story searching for Jesus’s body, and I liked how he interviewed different characters we all know, like Mary Magdalene and Bartholomew. Eventually, he finds Jesus alive, and started to become a believer. My favorite part is when he finally talks to Jesus personally, and Jesus gave him a sense of purpose to live a new life free from the wickedness of Roman government. It is a message we can all apply to our lives, and how we can find a new purpose to live. The movie for Clavius wasn’t biblical, but with all the other things that were biblical, it was executed tremendously. The best thing, is that it still continued with the message the story of Jesus really brings to our lives. That sense of hope, of continuing to live in this world.

The So So: Once Clavius saw Jesus alive, he was converted to a believer. I thought the movie really rushed his conversion from a non-believer to a believer. In reality, it always takes time to be converted to following Jesus Christ. However, it does make me wonder, if you see Jesus personally, maybe your conversion can be quick. Regardless, for the purpose of the story, it was rushed, and really the movie focuses on the manhunt for a supposedly dead body of Jesus.

What I Didn’t Like: One part that got me all flustered is the way Jesus just disappeared in front of everybody. Then everybody goes out and searches for him again. I like to believe that Jesus didn’t vanish just like that. If He left, I’m sure he would tell His people that He is leaving, and where to find Him next. Not just magically disappear in an instant. Also, the beginning scene where the Clavius and the Romans were battling the Sanhedrins,  the Sanhedrins were throwing rocks at the Romans instead of using their swords. It made the battle comical in not a good way. It looked like a little kids game where the older kids were bullying the younger kids by hurting them with rocks thrown.

Overall: The movie had a different take that made this movie a lot more interesting. It did give a fresh sense of newness we all crave for when a movie with the exhausted story line comes about. It did give the right message that can inspire all of us to become good people and follow Jesus Christ. If a soldier who can believe in nothing can convert, we can too. No matter how horrific our pasts is, Jesus will forgive, and help us to movie on!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

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(Sidenote: Crimson Peak- This is not your stereotypical horror movie. It actually had a message and a purpose to why things happen. Really, I see it more as a romance than a horror flick. The movie had a good cast, and director Guillermo Del Toro created some eye astonishingly scenes that made this movie worthwhile. Unfortunately, the story couldn’t keep up with it, and it got slow too many times. Even with the twists the movie gives, you already was tired of seeing what will happen next. However, Del Toro knows how to mind blow you with his graphics!!!
Rating: 3 Stars

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(Sidenote: Cop Car- This movie started off very interesting about a couple of mischievous boys stealing a cop car for a joy ride,  and the cop, played by Kevin Bacon is looking for them. What I didn’t like is that the movie was very under fulfilling. It just focused on the main part of the movie, but doesn’t give enough background information of why certain things happen. The ambiguity in this movie really took a toll on me for the worse, and it made not care whether the cop is good or bad!!!
Rating: 3 Stars)

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(Sidenote: We Are Your Friends-Worst title for a movie in 2015. It stars Zac Efron as an aspiring DJ, looking for his big break. The movie was interesting, and at times, a little inspiring. However, it is very cliched as well, and it became too formulaic rags to riches type of story. I did enjoy the music in this movie!!!
Rating: 3 Stars)