My Long Overdue Top 10 Best Movies of the 2015 (Also the 10 Worst, and the Ill Awards)


Finally! My top 10 movies of the 2015 and they are long overdue. Not only do I have my Top 10 movies, but I also have my Top 10 worst movies and The Ill Awards. (Who is Ill? That’s me. It’s my nickname.) I also have the entire list of movies I ranked for the year of 2015. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the countdown:

Number 10


Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation

Even though I loved its predecessor, Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol a lot better, this movie is still pretty awesome. It took a different approach, especially at the end when they went with the twist outsmarting their enemies. The action in this movie is top notch with the opera scene, the airplane scene (which Tom Cruise performed for real) and the most intense scene, the underwater heist. All these things made this a fun watch and a worthy addition to Mission Impossible franchise.

Number 9


Furious 7

When you talk about a movie that exceeded my expectations for the year of 2015, it’s this movie. Director James Wan, who normally does horror movies, proved that he can direct a great action movie. The action was more grounded in this movie (except jumping a car from one skyscraper to another, twice). Jason Statham played a great villain as Deckard Shaw. Last, that final scene where they dedicate Paul Walker had every guy tearing up (if a guy tells you he didn’t cry, he’s a liar). RIP Paul Walker, the Fast and Furious franchise won’t be the same without you.

Number 8



I’m a big fan of the Rocky series and thought it ended on a very good note with Rocky Balboa. However, I had my doubts about this movie, but I’m happy to admit it proved me wrong. Not only was it another good chapter in the life of Rocky Balboa, but it created a new chapter with Adonis Johnson Creed. It pays homage to this great franchise and gives new life to the franchise with a new character to follow. Director Ryan Coogler created a thought provoking epic and that first fight for Adonis Johnson Creed was just straight awesomeness.

Number 7


The Revenant

The movie that finally gave Leonardo DiCaprio his Oscar for Best Actor. This movie proved that Director Alejandro G. Innaritu knows how to create a work of art. He is now one of the great directors in the history of cinema. Intense scenes like the battle between the Native Americans and the Fur Trappers, seeing actors actually suffering in the cold, the great cinematography, but most of all, the scene where the bear attacks DiCaprio’s character, Hugh Glass, was intense and beautifully crafted. It had me guessing whether it was a real bear or not (it’s not). The movie is a great work of art.

Number 6


Mad Max: Fury Road

This type of movie is perfect for today’s special effects. The action was top notch, it paid homage to the original trilogy and made the franchise better. Immortan Joe was a great villain played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, who reminded me of a more intense Bane mixed with Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget. Also this proved that Director George Miller still has the creative touch and waited for the right moment to make this the best in the franchise so far. I’m looking forward to the sequels.

Number 5


Avengers: Age of Ultron

My Marvel fanboy biasness may have loved this movie more than it should and it may not have been as groundbreaking as its predecessor, The Avengers. However, this movie was still a lot of fun to watch, which is what you expect with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It had great action, comedy and a cool creepy villain in Ultron, voiced by James Spader. It introduced new characters to their MCU and still makes you look forward to the future movies it will bring.

Number 4


McFarland, USA

It may surprise you that this movie made this list and made it so high. However, this movie is near and dear to me. Not only does it deal with the sport of Cross Country Running, which is a unique turn for a sports movie, but the politics dealing with the lives of immigrant workers and their families hit close to home for me. It deals with tolerance and is an inspiration story of not giving up and inspiring a neighborhood with positivity. Believe me when I say this, it is a very good watch that may have you in tears.

Number 3


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

When you talk about a movie that was worth the hype, this is the movie. Director J. J. Abrams paid his homage to the history of this beloved franchise and created our generation’s Star Wars for the Millennials to enjoy and love. It brought back the old characters and created some great new characters for us to enjoy in this new trilogy. I believe the next movie will be even better than this one. Until then you will enjoy the great action and battles that will tickle every fanboy’s heart.

Number 2


The Martian

This sci-fi movie was very intelligently written. First, it felt believable sending people to Mars. It had you cheering on for the main character stuck on Mars, Mark Watney played by Matt Damon. You hoped he could survive with all the speed bumps along the way. The acting and dialogue in this movie was superb. It had my favorite movie line of the year “I’m going to science the s**t out of this.” Matt Damon’s performance was charming and his perseverance kept you rooting for him. This is sci-fi at its finest.

Number 1


Inside Out

This movie brought Pixar back into dominance in the animated cinematic world. This movie was so well written and the crew did their psychology homework. It was thought provoking, funny and it resonated emotionally. A great movie for the whole family to enjoy. It shows that Pixar wasn’t jumping the shark and still has what it takes to create a very unique movie. Also, the short animated movie, Lava, before this movie was emotionally powerful. This movie was powerful as well and it gives you a great understanding of why people think a certain way. Creative and brilliant.

Now the Top 10 Worst Movies

Number 10


The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

A movie that really, really didn’t need a sequel. I wasn’t a fan of the first movie and this one was much more boring. I really couldn’t care less seeing old people starting new relationships. It wasn’t thought provoking or emotional and it had no sense of purpose for me.

Number 9


Mr. Holmes

This movie disappointed me. I had high hopes, but all it shows was a guy dealing with dementia trying to solve his final mystery. The pay off for this movie was completely underwhelming and they did it in the most boring way. Ian McKellan can do a lot better.

Number 8



Casting the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper couldn’t save this boring movie where the only thing they got right is the depression of viewers watching this movie about The Great Depression. It was disappointing that this was a wasted role for these two very talented actors.

Number 7


By the Sea

How can an actually married couple in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt, actually act so awkwardly as a married couple in this movie. The movie felt underwritten dealing with marriage reconciliation. Director Angelina Jolie Pitt really took an artistic approach to this movie, but epically failed. All I could say was just divorce already and end this movie.

Number 6



Mark this movie as my most disappointing movie of 2015. I love Shakespeare and the many incarnations of his plays. However, this movie really didn’t bring anything new. It was just straight boring with no real action. Yes it had a great cast with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, but I almost fell asleep. Macbeth is a great play and it could’ve been handled a lot better. Like 10 times better.

Number 5


Fifty Shades of Grey

You talk about a serious movie that was really dumb. Here is your movie. I never read the book and honestly don’t care. This movie didn’t show anything new, but a stupid relationship that involves S&M. The way the movie develops and ends just had me shaking my head on how stupid this movie is. No real point.

Number 4


Hot Tub Time Machine 2

A franchise that should have never been a franchise. The original was ok, but they made a sequel that really didn’t make any sense. It was not funny and just plain stupid. Actually stupid is an understatement for this movie.

Number 3


The Boy Next Door

Another movie that was horribly written and unintelligent. The only good thing is seeing the beautiful Jennifer Lopez just be beautiful. It deals with statutory rape which could make for a good story, but instead they went with a typical movie about people obsessed with forbidden love and screwing them over when they don’t get it. The ending was just funny in a bad way, where the pedophile wins.

Number 2


Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension

I’m glad this franchise is ending, cuz it really wore out its welcome. This movie is definitely the worst of the franchise. It lost its suspense from the early movies by actually showing the demon ghost or whatever it was and it ended with so many plot holes that it left this once cool franchise unsatisfying.

Number 1


Hot Pursuit

Oh my freaking gosh was this comedy so annoying. Reese Witherspoon was so freaking annoying. The beautiful Sofia Vergara was annoying too and played the stereotypical angry Latina. The premise of this movie was so overly clichéd and the ending had you clapping cuz it was finally over. Who would have thought a movie with Witherspoon and Vergara would be so bad.

The Ill Awards (My take on the movies this year.)

Funniest Movie of the Year


Ted 2

This year has been a little weak for comedy movies and that’s why Ted 2 narrowly beat Spy for funniest movie. I guess it’s my Boston bias, but this movie had me laughing all throughout. The first movie may be better in different ways, but Mark Wahlberg and a CGI’d bear voiced by Seth MacFarlane really do have great comedic chemistry.

Best Animated Movie


Inside Out

It is the best movie of the year, in my opinion, so naturally it would get top honors for best animated movie.

Best Nerd/Fanboy Movie


Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It was worth the hype to go out and watch. It paid homage to the past and it inspired this generation to love this legendary franchise and look forward to what they have in store for the future.

Best Romantic Movie


The Age of Adaline

This year has been really terrible with romance movies. However, this movie had a unique story about love and relationships that was interesting. Even though the ending was a little dumb, at least it was way better than 50 Shades of Grey.

Best Oscar Nominated Movie


The Martian

With apologies to The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road, but I thought the story and dialogue really made it to a cool sci-fi movie. Matt Damon really made this movie funny and charming and it didn’t win much at the Oscars. Normally, I don’t agree with the Oscars, so I’m not losing sleep over it.

Movie That Exceeded My Expectations


McFarland, USA

This movie cracked my Top 10 list. It’s thought provoking and inspirational for everyone to watch.

Most Disappointing Movie



I really thought this movie would be better than the Despicable Me movies, cuz they were the best part of the movie. However, it is the worst of the three with a thin plot and very underwhelming moments. Made me realize that having too much Minions in a movie is a bad thing.

Movie Everybody Liked but I Hated



It’s been a while since an Oscar nominated movie puts out a movie that I didn’t like. This year it happened with the movie Brooklyn. I thought the movie was boring as hell and wasn’t unique the way I expect an Oscar nominated movie to be. This one was a head scratcher and wasn’t better than Steve Jobs, Inside Out or even Straight Outta Compton.

Movie Everybody Hated, but I Liked



This year it was a little of a stretch because Pixels wasn’t that good in my book. However, I feel like the hate for Adam Sandler taints people’s opinions instead of letting people enjoy it for what it is. To me it was fun to watch the different battles with old school arcade games. The comedy may be hit or miss, but at least this movie wasn’t boring.

Weirdest movie


American Ultra

I didn’t know what to expect with this movie when I started watching it. Once the story started to develop where a guy is some type of super soldier experiment or robot or whatever it is. Their characters were weird and with a lack of character development, you really get weirded out figuring out why these people are acting this way. Once it ended, I kept asking myself, what the heck did I watch?

Creepiest Movie


The Gift

It is not a horror movie, but it suspense really does get to you. When you’re trying to figure out what is happening and what this guy is really up to. You actually get creeped out because of the unknown. It is a good movie about karma, but that ending really gets to you. It’s an open ending that is up to interpretation. So my interpretation is really creepy, weird and sickening. Which makes this movie creepily good.

Movie I Refused to Watch


Magic Mike XXL

A very rare award from me. I strongly believe I have better things to do in my life than to watch a movie about male strippers.

Thank you all for reading, and feel free to comment. At last, here is my full ranking of all the movies of 2015. Now let’s see what the rest of 2016 has in store.

Top Movies of 2015

Inside Out 4.5 Stars
The Martian 4.5 Stars
Star Wars: The Force Awakens 4 Stars
McFarland, USA 4.5 Stars
Avengers: Age of Ultron 4.5 Stars
Mad Max: Fury Road 4.5 Stars
The Revenant 4.5 Stars
Creed 4.5 Stars
Furious 7 4.5 Stars
Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation 4.5 Stars
Steve Jobs 4.5 Stars
Straight Outta Compton 4 Stars
The Gift 4 Stars
Bridge of Spies 4 Stars
Room 4 Stars
Sicario 4 Stars
Jurassic World 4 Stars
99 Homes 4 Stars
Spectre 4 Stars
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2 4 Stars
Dope 4 Stars
Concussion 4 Stars
Black Mass 4 Stars
The Walk 4 Stars
Spotlight 4 Stars
Everest 4 Stars
Ant-Man 4 Stars
Southpaw 4 Stars
Ted 2 4 Stars
Spy 4 Stars
The Hateful Eight 4 Stars
The Good Dinosaur 4 Stars
Pawn Sacrifice 4 Stars
The Divergent Series: Insurgent 4 Stars
Heist 4 Stars
Woman in Gold 4 Stars
Ex Machina 3.5 Stars
Kingsman: The Secret Service 3.5
Focus 3.5 Stars
The 33 3.5 Stars
Chappie 3.5 Stars
No Escape 3.5 Stars
Black Sea 3.5 Stars
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 3.5 Stars
The Big Short 3.5 Stars
The Intern 3.5 Stars
Infinitely Polar Bear 3.5 Stars
Woodlawn 3.5 Stars
Underdogs 3.5 Stars
Jem and the Holograms 3.5 Stars
Shaun the Sheep Movie 3.5 Stars
Love and Mercy 3.5 Stars
The Peanuts Movie 3.5 Stars
Little Boy 3.5 Stars
Unfriended 3.5 Stars
Tomorrowland 3.5 Stars
Run All Night 3.5 Stars
Get Hard 3.5 Stars
The Wedding Ringer 3.5 Stars
Ashby 3.5 Stars
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water 3.5 Stars
Home 3.5 Stars
Spare Parts 3.5 Stars
My All American 3 Stars
Secret in Their Eyes 3 Stars
Terminator Genisys 3 Stars
The Transporter Refueled 3 Stars
Pan 3 Stars
Blackhat 3 Stars
San Andreas 3 Stars
In the Heart of the Sea 3 Stars
I Smile Back 3 Stars
The Age of Adaline 3 Stars
We Are Your Friends 3 Stars
A Walk in the Woods 3 Stars
Joy 3 Stars
The Night Before 3 Stars
War Room 3 Stars
Pitch Perfect 2 3 Stars
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 3 Stars
Burnt 3 Stars
Crimson Peak 3 Stars
Point Break 3 Stars
Cop Car 3 Stars
Trumbo 3 Stars
Pixels 3 Stars
Goosebumps 3 Stars
Self/less 3 Stars
Victor Frankenstein 3 Stars
American Heist 3 Stars
Cooties 3 Stars
Ricki and the Flash 3 Stars
Mortdecai 3 Stars
The Loft 3 Stars
Cinderella 3 Stars
The Cobbler 3 Stars
Kill Me Three Times 3 Stars
Old Fashioned 3 Stars
The Overnight 3 Stars
Knock Knock 3 Stars
Krampus 3 Stars
It Follows 2.5 Stars
Entourage 2.5 Stars
The Gunman 2.5 Stars
Sisters 2.5 Stars
Vacation 2.5 Stars
Shanghai 2.5 Stars
American Ultra 2.5 Stars
Trainwreck 2.5 Stars
Hotel Transylvania 2 2.5 Stars
Minions 2.5 Stars
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse 2.5 Stars
Seventh Son 2.5 Stars
Fantastic Four 2.5 Stars
Project Almanac 2.5 Stars
Jupiter Ascending 2.5 Stars
The Last Witch Hunter 2.5 Stars
Taken 3 2.5 Stars
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 2.5 Stars
Rock the Kasbah 2.5 Stars
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip 2.5 Stars
Captive 2.5 Stars
Brooklyn 2.5 Stars
Some Kind of Beautiful 2.5 Stars
Lila and Eve 2.5 Stars
Maggie 2.5 Stars
The Water Diviner 2.5 Stars
She’s Funny That Way 2.5 Stars
Barely Lethal 2.5 Stars
Irrational Man 2.5 Stars
True Story 2.5 Stars
The End of the Tour 2.5 Stars
Daddy’s Home 2.5 Stars
Z for Zachariah 2.5 Stars
Max 2.5 Stars
Boulevard 2.5 Stars
Hitman: Agent 47 2 Stars
The Danish Girl 2 Stars
Carol 2 Stars
While We’re Young 2 Stars
Love the Coopers 2 Stars
Unfinished Business 2 Stars
Black or White 2 Stars
Meadowland 2 Stars
Aloha 2 Stars
The Visit 2 Stars
Child 44 2 Stars
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2 Stars
Mr. Holmes 2 Stars
Serena 2 Stars
By the Sea 2 Stars
Macbeth 2 Stars
Fifty Shades of Grey 2 Stars
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 2 Stars
The Boy Next Door 2 Stars
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension 2 Stars
Hot Pursuit 1.5 Stars

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