The Angry Birds Movie (Sidenote: Fifty Shades of Black)


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

The Angry Birds Movie had its funny moments and did its best to cleverly write the story, but let’s be real, this movie was just a long commercial to promote the game!!!

Rating 3.5 Stars

I remember when the mobile game for Angry Birds came out and how stupidly addicting it was. I still don’t know why I was so addicted. Instead of releasing stress, I became more frustrated trying to beat a level. I remember getting all the versions of Angry Birds had to offer, like the holiday game, the space one, the Star Wars one (though I thoroughly had fun in that game), and even the one about the Rio movies. Thank goodness I recovered from my addiction to sling shooting birds to destroy pigs. I don’t forgive myself for being addicted to it, instead I give props to the app makers of this game for making a simple game into a phenomenon. When I saw plans for an animated movie about this game, I couldn’t help but be curious to see how this would work as a movie. I didn’t have any real expectations, and maybe that is why it was somewhat entertaining for me (I hope I’m not getting addicted again).

What I Like: The voice casting for this movie was great. Jason Sudeikis as Red was pretty funny with his sarcastic demeanor. I also enjoyed Josh Gad as Chuck (the yellow bird) as the nerdy bird who befriends him, Bill Hader as the villain King Leonard the Pig, and Peter Dinklage as The Mighty Eagle who the birds see as a great legend. They even had Sean Penn voice Terence (the really big red bird) to just grunt and growl. The animation was pretty cool, and really set a cool environment for this movie that is a lot better than the game. The movie was hilarious at times, some of the one liners from Red had me chuckling, especially with his relationship with Chuck who is the annoying guy in the movie. The way they showed how useless the boomerang toucan (in the game he was an annoying character) really had me laughing. I enjoyed seeing the Mighty Eagle legend, actually be a fat, egotistical bird. It was funny because in the game he is a big help (when I played the game, I only used him once cuz of curiosity). Also, seeing the free hug bird getting ignored was a funny gimmick. I thought the cast and animation was perfect, and made this movie watchable.

The So So: They really tried hard to actually make a good story out of this game turned movie. I found it very clever to have these angry birds meet with each other at an anger management class. They developed the character of Red as an angry bird that no one likes, and turn him into a hero. It may be cliched, but it worked. When the pigs started invading, that’s when the story just turned to another video game. I liked the way they introduced the game play in the movie where they actually sling shotted birds to destroy the pig’s city before they eat their eggs that they stole from their land. It did bring back fond memories of playing this game. However, it got to a point where I realized this is just a commercial to promote more angry birds games, and download the app. (Clever, but obvious.) I mean, you can only go so far in making a story about sling shooting birds to destroy pigs, but they actually made a decent effort in it.

What I Didn’t Like: This movie was promoted as a kid’s movie, but some of their jokes and gags were not appropriate for kids under seven years old. I mean, they showed an eagle urinating over a mountain. Some of their jokes were complete misses. The one moment where Chuck knocks off a scene from X-men: Days of Future Past in showing off his speed really had my eyes rolling. If Chuck can do that, why doesn’t he continue using his power. Moments in this movie to continue the story were cliched or predictable, and sometimes their transitions were too slow. Also, as soon I was about to question, where is the blue bird, they brought them out in a mid-credits scene showing off their power which was underwhelming for me. (That character in the game is a little useless as well.)

Overall: If you’re a fan of the game, you won’t be disappointed. Instead you will be slightly satisfied. I give credit for their effort in the story, but at least fess up that this movie is a way to promote the game even more. It was like playing Angry Birds without using your hands. (Or better yet, playing the game with no control of it whatsoever.) They tried to make it worthwhile, and it is decent enough for people to be amused and entertained. It looks like a sequel might be in play, but I don’t know if their story can be better than this story. It’s almost impossible!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars


(Sidenote: Fifty Shades of Black- Why does Marlon Wayans keep getting funding to make these stupid spoof movies? This movie spoofing the movie Fifty Shades of Grey (a horrible movie to begin with), was not funny. The sex jokes were recycled, obnoxious, crude, and just straight up not funny. I’m tired of hearing Marlon Wayans yell so much in his movies. I used to love him back in the 90’s, but now he is like a fly that just won’t die no matter how hard you smack him. It’s a shame really, when the rest of his family knows when to stop, but not him!!!
Rating: 1 Star)