Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (Sidetone:Gods of Egypt)


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates didn’t bring what I expect it to be, it wasn’t funny or thought provoking enough, and in the end, it was just stupid!!!

Rating: 2 Stars

I already unleashed my hatred on Zac Efron in past reviews, and have adored the acting of Anna Kendrick. I just want to give my two cents on the beautiful Aubrey Plaza. I really enjoy her comedy. I started to notice her on late night shows, and liked how funny she is. The first movie I noticed she was in the movie Funny People, and enjoyed her dead pan comedy which really works for her. Later on her films can get raunchier, and really is not afraid to do anything to get a laugh. Movies I enjoyed with her was Safety Not Guaranteed, The To Do List, and Dirty Grandpa. Yes they are not big movies, but if she keeps doing what she does best, she can make her mark as a woman comedic actress. I believe she can get to that status. Really it is because of her that I was looking forward to watch Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (Anna Kendrick helped too, but I just love Aubrey Plaza) I hope it was at the very least it was funny with this cast. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed.

What I Like: Anna Kendrick made the best of what she had in this movie. Out of all the characters, she was developed good and her vulnerability in this movie made her the most relatable. Her story as a jilted bride that led to a life of depression after that was sad, but seeing her slowly getting over it was enjoyable to watch. Her chemistry with Aubrey Plaza in this film was fun to watch seeing them work together to achieve their goal. Director Jake Symanzki really caught the beautyness of the beaches in Hawaii. I lived in Hawaii, and really miss the awesomeness the city of Honolulu had to offer. The culture, the beauty, and the legendary landscapes was captured here, and it did take me back. That is something I appreciated.

The So So: Adam DeVine is a guy you can love and hate. That’s how I always felt about him in his past movies. What I hate about him is that he is always yelling like a kid in his terrible twos mixed with a delusional old man. It is annoying seeing him trying too hard to be a funny character, but all I see is him being so whiney that makes me want to punch him. The thing is, he does deliver some of the funniest moments in the movies. In this movie in particular he delivered some of the funny lines that actually made me laugh. Like calling the girl with the crazy hair a Nike sign really had me going. I like how he tries to explain something, and it ends up being ruined by something and his reactions do make me chuckle. His chemistry with Zac Efron was interesting to say the least. Seeing Efron act normal, and DeVine as the crazy one is amusing to watch, but I thought it could’ve been a lot better in the comedy.

What I Didn’t Like: The beginning of the movie had me chuckling, but as it progressed it was a lot of misses than hits with the comedy. The film’s story wasn’t great to begin with, and it really had to deliver the laughs, but it failed miserably. I thought it was going to be really raunchy, but honestly, it wasn’t raunchy enough for me to care or for me to hysterically laugh. For the most part, the movie played it safe with it’s jokes and that was their downfall for me to not like this movie. Not even the beautiful Aubrey Plaza’s sexiness in this film couldn’t really keep my attention span. It’s a shame really, because I came in with high hopes, and became dreadfully disappointed. It got to a point where this film got stupid real quick, and there was no saving it from the deep hole they’re in.

Overall: I didn’t think this movie was funny enough for me to care what is going on in the story of the film. Yes, it may give you some chuckles, but it didn’t make me laugh enough for this comedy to succeed in my book. I’m telling you to not watch this film with high hopes, because you will be shaking your head when it officially gets stupid. Even for fans of raunchiness, you won’t get enough for your disgusting pleasures. Disappointing all the way through!!!

Rating: 2 Stars


(Sidenote: Gods of Egypt- This movie lost hope once it started with some of the most horrific dialogue I’ve heard. They try to make it funny, but it just turned out eye lollingly bad. I was impressed with it’s special effects, but as the movie progressed it turned out to be horrific. It seemed like they saved their best CGI for certain scenes, and had to go for the cheap CGI for the rest of the film. It really was an eyesore. Add that with their terrible jokes, and so so action really made this film forgettable.
Rating 2.5 Stars)

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