Sausage Party


(SPOILER WARNING!!! This article does contain spoilers, if you haven’t seen the movie, just see the first paragraph to be informed without spoilers!!!)

Sausage Party is a hilarious and cleverly written story, it got really weird in the end, but it is entertaining and exactly what you expect when you watch this movie!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

After all the cool stories and animations you get from Pixar and Dreamworks, sometimes you need a breathe of fresh air from the regular routine. In comes Sausage Party. An adult computer animated movie that has the themes from a Pixar and Dreamworks movie, but with more of an adult type of comedy. With Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, and the rest of their gang involved in it. I knew I had to watch it, and be prepared for some crazy comedy.

What I Like: The movie is hilarious. Some of their jokes were spot on funny. Yes it can be very crude and at times racist, but I could not help but laugh. Add to the fact the writing for this movie was superb. It was almost they hired writers from a Pixar or Dreamworks studio and told them, make one that is adult themed. I just loved the fact that the story made sense in their comedy about food waiting to be go through “The Great Beyond.” Not knowing what to expect. Probably the greatest written comedy nice The Hangover, and cleverly written like Inside Out. It really was that good. The voice casting was superb with Seth Rogan voicing Frank, a sausage and the main protagonist of the story, Kristen Wiig voicing Brenda, a hot dog bun and Frank’s love interest, Michael Cera (where he been lately) voicing Barry, a deformed sausage, Selma Hayek as a lesbian taco (you read that right), and Edward Norton playing a Jewish bagel. When I found out that Norton voiced the bagel was amusingly surprised. There were many other great voice casting. One I enjoyed was Nick Kroll, playing Douche, a douche who was really a douche in the movie. (That was a mouthful to say.) I found it funny how a guy is voicing a feminine hygiene product, and actually is the villain of the movie. Seeing him sound like a person from Jersey Shore and sucking up random liquids as if he is taking steroids and driving him crazy. It was pure genius in a weird sort of way that was funny to watch. I also like that the trailer didn’t show the full story, and when watching this film is a complete different story. I was expecting a survival type of story, but instead you not only get a survival story but different themes like drug abuse, views on religion (more on that later), and learning how to believe in yourself and fight back. The racial joke about a box of grits and Native American Rum hating on crackers (think about it), was hilarious for me and show how clever the writing is. Lastly, some of the crude funny scenes were way over the top that I was laughing with my mouth wide open in astonishment. How in the streets they find a turd with pieces of corn still alive, a used condom, and jokes about toilet paper. However, the scene where all the food products were having an orgy after defeating the human, really took it over to the top. I can’t (or won’t) really describe it, but when you see it, all you can do is shake your head and probably won’t look at food the same way again.

The So So: Things got really weird a the end, and I’m not talking about the food orgy. They took a weird spin where they found out that they were actually a cartoon and controlled by voice actors, and decided to go through a portal to deal with it. That’s how the movie ended. I’m not sure why they decided to end it that way, but it really turned into a typical stoner movie after that. Not that is a bad thing, but with stoner movies there are things that just doesn’t make sense and make you think when you’re actually stoned. I thought the ending was not appropriate, but still amusing to see.

What I Didn’t Like: As I said before, the film dealt with different themes, but one of the themes that I didn’t like was the theme of their take on religion. Pretty much all these foods had a belief that if they follow the rules, they will be chosen to live in a better life through “The Great Beyond.” During the movie, it is explained that it is a made up lie to give these foods a positive hope to what will happen, but in reality, it leads to their death. Then when they try to tell the other foods that their belief it is a lie, they don’t believe them. I thought they try to push their atheistic views, and tell people that their religion beliefs was a waste of time. For me I didn’t really appreciate that being a Christian and all, but I understand that it is their belief. I just hope it doesn’t influence people, but instead, look at it as a satire at the very least. I was offended, but I have to tell myself, it is just a movie, and then I see something funny that make me forget about it.

Overall: Yes the film got weird, but this breakthrough as not only the best animated film thus far, but also the funniest film so far this year. The writing and the jokes really made this a joy to watch. As adults who watch this movie, be prepared for one of the crudest animated movies you’ll ever see. I believe you will expect that regardless, and it doesn’t disappoint!!!

Rating: 4 Stars