The Boss Baby


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The Boss Baby is just plain dumb, even for babies to watch!!!

Rating: 2 Stars

What I Like:

-The talking Gandalf the Great alarm clock which I believe is voiced by Ian McKellen provided the few laughs for me while watching it

The So So:

-The comedy was hit or miss, some of the one liner jokes had me chuckling

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story was dumb to begin with, it was too sporadic and confusing, and it didn’t have continuity to this outrageous story
-Some of the humor is too adult oriented, and at times creepy for kids to watch
-The ending was just so predictable, and they tried to make an emotional ending, but I just didn’t care for it


I thought this film was just plain stupid. It was outrageous to begin with, but the fact that they tried to make it serious at the same time really stopped down to a new low. The comedy was hit or miss, and really for the most part had me shaking my head too much. Even for kids, it is not something for them to enjoy that even a newborn will cry in disgust!!!

Rating: 2 Stars

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