The Circle


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The Circle is an interesting story on the good and bad of technology today, however, it lacked any type of climax, let alone a conclusion!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-The acting from Emma Watson and Tom Hanks were superb
-The direction of James Ponsoldt was really cool showing all these technology tidbits and what not which gave some good visuals as you watch
-It was interesting to see the story developing into seeing how a technology internet corporation can try to cross the boundaries and creating the thin line between seeing everything and privacy

The So So:

-I get the story, it talks about how big a technology corporation like Google or Facebook can get bigger and bigger, and we second guess ourselves on how much privacy we can get, I just wish they expounded more on this type of politics on technology

What I Didn’t Like:

-The film was all about the corporation of The Circle and how people work in it, it seemed they took too much time to show the good, but they really rushed on the bad parts of this corporation, because of that, it really lacked a good climax, let alone a satisfying conclusion which is shamelessly underwhelming
-Ellar Coltrane’s acting in this film was pretty bad, makes me wonder what he’s been up to since Boyhood


I was really getting into to this film at the beginning learning about The Circle corporation, and seeing where this will lead up to. Once it got there, the problem really was anticlimactic, and the conclusion really didn’t solve anything. Instead it gave me a lot more questions about The Circle and why they seem more evil than good. It’s too bad, because it had potential of showing something horrific in the land of internet and technology and how outrageous than can go in affecting the world. A wasted potential, but at least it was entertaining enough for me to keep me engaged with it’s cool direction and visuals!!!

Rating: 3 Stars