My Long Overdue Top 10 Movies of 2016


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Another year has gone, and another long overdue list of my favorite movies of that year. I have to say, for the year of 2016 I believe it was a year of mediocrity. There were a lot of good films, but not great. There were even films that were not good, but didn’t gloriously suck. It has been a lot of not good to ok, to decent, to good films this year. Why? Can’t quite put my finger on it, but regardless, here are 10 movies that made my Top 10 List. Whether you agree or disagree, feel free to comment. Without wasting too much time, let’s start the list:



Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (4 Stars)

Not the strongest of the great Star Wars films, but certainly not in the Star Wars prequels category. I thought the action was awesome to watch, and what you expected from a Star Wars film. I liked the characters they introduced, and their mission tied in with Star Wars lore and played on the nostalgia of Star Wars fans. Continues to show that Disney knows what they’re doing with this franchise, and keep you excited for what’s  to come. Last, that Darth Vader scene at the end was awesome!!!



Sully (4.5 Stars)

I’m honestly surprised this film didn’t get that many Oscar considerations. Tom Hanks acted tremendously as pilot Chesley Sullenberger who landed the plane in the Hudson River saving all the people on the plane. Cool direction from Clint Eastwood in recreating that airplane scene. I really enjoyed the story where one guy is clearly a hero who saved lives, yet, he still is criticized for his methods. A good watch for film buffs!!!



Deepwater Horizon (4.5 Stars)

This film exceeded my expectations with its action depicting an oil rig that started to fall apart and eventually explodes causing the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico ocean. Some great acting by the great Mark Wahlberg as the guy trying to save people’s lives during that whole ordeal. When watching this film, it had me on the edge of my seat, with its thrills and tense moments. Reminded me of the movie Backdraft back in the day!!!



Lion (4.5 Stars)

This Oscar Nominated movie is an emotional feel good movie for everyone. It is about a little Indian boy who gets separated from his family and his adventure getting lost, then adopted by Australian parents, and his search to find his real mother in India. Great acting by Dev Patel, and if this film doesn’t at least get your eyes watery, then you have no soul!!!



Doctor Strange (4.5 Stars)

I believed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) took a risk with this character, but that risk was definitely worth it. Not only was Benedict Cumberbatch awesome as Doctor Strange, but seeing this film in 3D made the action awesome, with some very trippy scenes that will blow your mind, and some very clever writing. This film expanded the MCU even more. It also shows that the MCU knows what they’re doing with these films and characters and making it entertaining no matter what character it is!!!



Zootopia (4.5 Stars)

The animation was awesome, the characters were relatable, the comedy was hilarious, and last, the message was very deep. It’s a great kids movie that teaches you about intolerance and that no matter who you are we need to work together, and yet it was all very entertaining. A great film for the whole family to get together and enjoy!!!



Deadpool (4.5 Stars)

When you talk about a film that was worth the hype, Deadpool was not only worth it, but great. Ryan Reynolds really dedicated himself to bring this hero (or anti-hero) the right way, and it was excellent. This is definitely no ordinary superhero movie. It was hilarious from beginning to end, with fun action, and splendid writing that really makes it a satire of all superhero films. Can’t wait for the sequel.



Captain America: Civil War (4.5 Stars)

Big fan of this Marvel story in the comics, and I wondered if this film will do it justice. Not only did it, but it was probably the best MCU story involving all these characters. The writing was great which packed a lot of action and emotion with these superheroes going against each other. Introducing Black Panther and Spider-Man was awesome, and makes you look forward to their films in the near future. I can’t wait to see what future MCU films will have in store for us, but for 2016 Marvel has dominated superhero films once again!!!



Hacksaw Ridge (4.5 Stars)

Probably the best war film since Saving Private Ryan. Mel Gibson got his mojo back creating another epic. The battle scenes were awesome and gory that made it very realistic. Not only that, it had a great story about Private Desmond Doss who instead of killing people to be a war hero, he decided to not hold a gun and save his soldier’s lives when they were injured during battles. Andrew Garfield acted tremendously as Private Doss, and this was my favorite Oscar-nominated film of 2016. Well deserved Oscars acclaim!!!



Kubo and the Two Strings (5 Stars)

Probably the best stop-motion animated movie I have ever seen. I didn’t expect this movie to blow me away, but it most certainly did. They really showcased the Japanese culture and legends, the artistic animation left me in awe, and the story and action were fun and entertaining. This is a rare treasure for everyone to see, and enjoy. Just remember don’t blink during the action!!!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for my My Long Overdue Top 10 Worst Movies of 2016 which will be coming up soon!!!

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