Alien: Covenant


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Alien: Covenant ups the ante in their action for this franchise, however, it suffers from their very own cliches and predictability!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-Michael Fassbender playing the human androids Walter and David was some very fine acting in a good way, and also in a creepy way
-They really upped the ante in their action to their classic scenes like the aliens bursting through chests and the many fights with the Xenomorphs, it really brought in a new freshness to the franchise

The So So:

-There were slow parts in the story that almost lost my focus, however, it does tie up some loose ends for the main story of the franchise which a prequel movie should do
-The part where David kisses Walter (which is himself) was way too weird for my taste, however, it shows the genius acting of Fassbender who really immerses himself into the roles he play

What I Didn’t Like:

-I was hoping to see something new for this franchise that can reinvigorate a new kind of terror with Alien, however, they pretty much do their same old cliches where, ironically, they created
-Because of it’s typical cliches and story, it was very predictable, and saw the twists from miles away
-The ending left me with questions than satisfaction

It had some cool action and gore where it gives a breathe of fresh air for fans of the franchise. With that said, I was hoping it brings something new to the table, and unfortunately, that didn’t happen. In stead it got too predictable with their cliches of this franchise and it was eye rolling for me. At least you can appreciate the acting of Michael Fassbender which brings an interesting twist to the table!!!

Rating: 3 Stars