Baby Driver (Sidenote: The Resurrection of Gavin Stone)


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Baby Driver is a fun and wild ride for us to be entertained, even though it had its minor flaws!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The story was smart, funny, and a little charm which Edgar Wright likes to do in his writing
-The acting was phenomenal, the combination of Kevin Spacey, Ansel Elgort, Jon Hamm, and Jaime Foxx was perfection
-The action was fun
-Edgar Wright’s direction was awesome, especially those scenes where it was shot in one take was great
-The soundtrack was tremendous, and probably the best of this year so far, the way they mixed the music with the action was perfection for my ears

The So So:

-Usually Edgar Wright’s films are more on the comedy side, however for this film he took a page out of Quinton Tarantino’s book in having a lot of dialogue which in some cases it worked, but at times it either didn’t make sense or wasn’t necessary

What I Didn’t Like:

– It is a heist type of film with it’s typical story arc of paying of your debt, but people still force you to do their dirty work
-The film was very paced which is good for entertainment, but it did leave some plot holes for the story

SPOILER THREAD (Don’t read if you haven’t seen it):

-Some plot holes I found were, why was Baby in debt with Doc? How did he get the name Baby? If Doc doesn’t use the same crew for his jobs, why in the last job they were the same people from the last two jobs? These two things weren’t clear for me, and maybe it was mentioned but it wasn’t clear for me
-Jon Bernthal was in this movie, but was pretty much there for only five minutes which was disappointing for me


It is a fun ride to watch from beginning to end with high octane driving action without the unrealisticness from the Fast and Furious movies. It is very smart for a heist film, and with a great soundtrack that really brought out the charm for the character Baby which was played by Ansel Elgort. Probably the greatest role I’ve seen with Elgort. Even though this film had it’s minor flaws, Edgar Wright proves why he is a genius with his films, and looking forward to what he has in stock for the future!!!

Rating: 4 Stars


(Sidenote: The Resurrection of Gavin Stone- This is a Christian movie that was produced by the WWE which was very weird for me. With that said, it was a typical run of the mill Christian story about a person who was down in the dumps, but gets a reenlightment through a big church drama production about the life of Jesus. It had its very corny moments, but the message was very clear and it wasn’t dull to watch. I just wish these Christian movies can be a bit more original!!!
Rating: 3 Stars)

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