The House


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The House had an interesting premise and had its comedic moments, but as it starts to unravel it was highly unsatisfying!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-There were some funny moments that had me laughing out loud, especially the torture scene with the guy who was counting cards

The So So:

-The story’s premise is very engaging for me and thought was a very great idea for a comedy, especially with Will Ferrell at the helm, however, it took a predictable twist at the third part of the film
-Will Ferrell playing the protagonist, you get what Ferrell has to offer, and of you’re a fan you will laugh, but sometimes for me, and you see it in this film, you get the same old gags and slapstick you get with him starring in a comedy

What I Didn’t Like:

-With a clever story that started off really good, but the end was just too dumb, corny, and really wasn’t that funny to back up the dumb and corniness

SPOILER THREAD (Don’t read if you haven’t seen it):

-I loved the cameo of comedian Sebastian Maniscalco was awesome to watch him doing his thing
-Jeremy Renner’s part in the film was more of a funny cameo as a mob boss, but his part was so quick that makes me wonder why the trailers spoiled his appearance to this film, it should’ve been a surprise


I really thought this comedy had potential to be something really funny and good. The premise to me was genius, and having Will Ferrell was perfect to make some moments laughable. However, some of the humor was too crude or not funny, and the story took a downward spiral once they were caught which really had me very disappointed. Instead of a diamond in the rough, we just get the rough!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

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