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Detroit is a powerful tragedy, film may be too long, but the intense scenes makes it shocking to watch!!!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

What I Like:

-The direction of Kathryn Bigelow is at her finest, the way she created the riots and chaos, and that intense scene at the Algiers Motel was created beautifully
-The acting was also on point, from John Boyega as a security guard trying to make peace of everything to Will Poulter (and his crazy eyebrows) as the crooked racist cop really made this film an intense spectacle to watch
-The story is a powerful tragedy that can ruffle up people’s feathers while watching it, because the politics from back in the late 60’s still remain a true problem today, that is what makes it so powerful

The So So:

-Even though the acting was great, the character development was a little weak, instead they developed the setting more than their characters, with that said, it all meshed together perfectly to create that main intense scene that made this into a powerful epic

What I Didn’t Like:

-This film was two and a half hours, and by the end of it after the main intense scene, you started to feel the longevity of this film


This may be the most powerful movie of this year. It shows a story that still relates to today in regards of police brutality and murder. That one intense scene was so powerful and tragic that may hit people close to home. I give credit to director Kathryn Bigelow for creating a powerful film, and putting everything together and hit us in the gut. She’s an expert at that, and why I appreciate her and this film!!!

Rating: 4.5 Stars