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Stronger is a good biopic that shows emotion in so many levels, with a great performance by Jake Gyllenhaal, it is a good watch!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The drama it packs had great emotion in different themes of tragedy, recovery, aftermath, dealing with family, and dealing with his new found fame as a hero of tragedy
-The acting by Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bauman was tremendous, his Boston accent was on point which really gave an authentic performance as a victim who lost his legs

The So So:

-For a film about the Boston Marathon Bombing, I was hoping to see more of that intense action, but you only get glimpses of it which is really disappointing, however, the story of this film was really about the victim of Jeff Bauman, and his recovery which was a true, real, and inspiring story for me to forget about that

What I Didn’t Like:

-I also wish they showed more of his recovery, and how he could walk again, they only showed his struggles with his therapy, but never really showed how he got there, and because of that, I felt the ending was too underwhelming for me


I really enjoyed the drama, emotion, and the realism this film brings. Everybody sees Jeff Bauman as a hero, but don’t really know his true feelings on everything that happened with his life since the tragedy. That is something we can learn and appreciate when watching this film unfold. Yes it lacked any type of action or power, but expect it as a drama, you will see how impactful it can be. I give a lot of credit to Jake Gyllenhaal for another amazing performance, and I do believe (and I’ve been wrong about him before) he will get an Oscar nomination for this role!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

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