American Made (Sidenote: How to Be a Latin Lover)

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American Made is one heck of a story that is interesting and makes you think, with some great acting and drama, it is worth the watch!!!
4.5 Stars
What I Like:
-I thought the story was a well paced, interesting, smart, a little thought provoking, and thrilling
-The acting, for the most part, was really good
-The fact that this was  true story, really blows my mind in how corrupt people can get in both sides of the drug war
The So So:
-Tom Cruise played Barry Seal, a pilot who worked for both the CIA and the Medellin Cartel, it seemed that everybody around Cruise’s character had a Southern accent minus him, we get Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise (which is not a bad thing), but instead of him running or riding motorcycles, he flew planes, regardless, you do get Tom Cruise at his best, though not authentic as it should for his role
What I Didn’t Like:
-I’m not sure why this film is called, American Made, it glorifies Barry Seal as an American drug and arms smuggler, which is not a bright spot for this country whatsoever, instead, we get a Scarface type of ordeal of taking the American Dream but abusing it in high regards, the title made it seem that he was an American hero, but in reality, he is a scumbag
I really did enjoy watching it. It had a heck of a good and entertaining story that wasn’t boring from beginning to end. I was engaged, and it blows my mind about this true story in how deep corruption can go when you’re actually being used until you’re not useful anymore. I applaud the acting, mainly Tom Cruise, that really make you think is he good or not (you decide for yourself). I put this film up there with Scarface, New Jack City, and the Netflix show, Narcos. Smart and thrilling at it’s finest!!!
4.5 Stars
(Sidenote: How to Be a Latin Lover- This comedy starring Eugenio Derbez and the beautiful Selma Hayek was not bad. It’s comedy had some good laughs, and I enjoyed the story about the importance of family and loyalty. Yes, it may have its cliches and the comedy about a male gold digger gets old really quick, but at least I was somewhat entertained. If you don’t know Spanish, but don’t mind reading subtitles, you can enjoy it as well!!!
Rating: 3 Stars)