Battle of the Sexes (Sidenote: Everything, Everything)


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Battle of the Sexes is a good and interesting film to watch, however, I do believe it could’ve been a lot better!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

What I Like:

-The direction of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris really gave it an authentic look where it really looked like it was made in the early 70’s
-The acting of Emma Stone as Billie Jean King and Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs was fantastic, I do believe Steve Carell was made to act for this role and caught his character well, and Emma Stone really immersed herself in her role that really gave a genuine result
-The story is a true story, but it really captured the issues of women’s rights and how they were challenged and why Billie Jean King is a true hero and advocate of it

The So So:

-It did show the sexuality aspect of Billie Jean King, though the scenes were risky, but I didn’t feel it was necessary, the turning point of the story was about women’s equality, not about sexual orientation

What I Didn’t Like:

-I thought the final tennis match was underwhelming, I expected an epic match, yes I understand that Billie Jean King defeated Bobby Riggs handsomely, but at least make it somewhat thrilling
-Also, I wish they showed more of the emotional aspect of King during the tennis match, they hardly showed anything, they showed more of what Riggs was thinking which was cool, but he wasn’t the main focus whatsoever


This sport’s story was always intriguing to me, and showing the start of women’s rights in the sports world. I enjoyed the direction and acting in this film, however, I thought the final tennis match could’ve been a lot better. Regardless, the payoff was still satisfying to see, and it is a good piece of sport’s history for us to reminisce and learn, and lastly to not give up the fight!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars


(Sidenote: Everything, Everything- One type of movie theme that I’m very critical of are romance films, but this film deserves every bit of harsh criticism I give. The only credit I give is the premise, but after that it was all downhill. There are too many to say badly, but I will keep it brief. The story was eye rollingly corny, the twist was just stupid, the way things happened was so outrageous that got me angry, and for a teen romance, it was just a bad representation. One of the worst movies I’ve seen this year, and I’m not afraid to say it loud and clear!!!
Rating: 2 Stars)