Ferdinand (Sidenote: Leap!)


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Ferdinand may be a typical story, but it did make me laugh, and enjoy a film about bullfighting!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-This film really made me laugh, a lot of their jokes were pretty well thought out, the slap stick wasn’t overbearing, and yes they had flatulence and butt jokes, but it wasn’t at a eye rolling level
-The animation and scenery of the country of Spain was cool to see, they really brought out the beauty of the city of Madrid and Sevilla, and brought out a little culture as well

The So So:

-For a film that is set in Spain, the voice casting wasn’t really that authentic like what they did in the film Coco, with that said, the voice acting still worked and was enjoyable
-The ending I wasn’t a big fan of, but it was still fulfilling, it just lacked some real emotion

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story was nothing new, it is the same old main protagonist not wanting to be what others expect it to be, and is shunned when he tries to be different, we’ve seen this before, at least the bullfighting gave it some kind of unique twist


Yes, it is the same old typical story, especially from a kids movie, but it is still enjoyable. I laughed and enjoyed the animated action. It may lack some emotion which Coco excelled in, but at least it didn’t lack in culture which I appreciated. Will there be a sequel, probably, but with Disney owning the rights now, we’ll see how different this will be!!!

Rating: 4 Stars


(Sidenote: Leap!- This French-Canadian film was very cliched, and really didn’t bring nothing new to the table. At least it taught me a little bit about ballet, but the writing really lacked any real depth. I thought the ending was just lazy and eye rolling. At least they have down their French history and showed that!!!
Rating: 2.5 Stars)

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