Bright (Sidenote: Annabelle Creation)


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Bright takes some risks mixing realness and fantasy, and the message of race relations, and for the most part it works, but when it doesn’t it can be cringeworthy!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The story is a unique blend of fantasy and realness, like Lord of the Rings mixed with Training Day, and with a message about race intolerance, in this case, with humans and orcs, it sounds weird, but it really does work for the most part
-Director David Ayer really creates a cool different Los Angeles, and how humans, orcs, and elves live together
-The acting is pretty good, you get Will Smith as he is in the Bad Boys movies (I love the Bad Boys movies, don’t judge me) and you really don’t recognize Joel Edgerton as the orc cop, Nick Jakoby, he also provides some of the comic relief

The So So:

-It took a risk in mixing real grounded action with fantasy, and really tried hard to make it work, I personally like the grounded type of feel (I love movies like Training Day and End of Watch) which you get a lot of at the beginning and then it took a turn for fantasy, it took some risks that work, but once it got to the magic wand part, and people being Brights to control it can be a bit cringeworthy and really lose the groundedness from the beginning of the film, and yes, I understand that’s the point of it, but for me, it made me lose focus sometimes
-The purpose of the writing for this film deals with intolerance with other races, or in this movie between different species, and in short spurts you see the message which makes you think, but with the whole fantasy aspect it kind of lost its touch in that purpose

What I Didn’t Like:

-The lack of focus of making a film with a strong message of race relations or a fantasy/urban film really didn’t give a main focus, and at times, it may seem all over the place


Netflix took a big risk, and money, in trying out a different film which is very unique. For the most part, it was an interesting and fun film. It wasn’t boring whatsoever, and I enjoyed the cop realness it brings. The mixture with fantasy and realness worked for the most part, but there are scenes where it made me roll my eyes because I felt they forced that in. The undertones of race relations worked at times, but not enough to make this a thoughtful account to take that part seriously. With all that said, I still enjoyed it, and I give credit for putting together a different type of setting for us to enjoy.

Rating: 4 Stars


(Sidenote: Annabelle: Creation- I give credit for this franchise in keeping the creepiness up with their horror films, especially with that very creepy Annabelle doll. With all that said, it is getting to a point where it is getting redundant with their usual schtick. They may have reinvented the horror genre, but they need to come up with something new to not become old and fade out!!!
Rating: 3 Stars)

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