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Downsizing started off very interesting with its premise, but after that it was just the same old typical story!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-I really was intrigued by the premise, about the discovery of cellular reduction and how they can use this to save the planet, it really kept me engaged to see where they will go with this
-I also enjoyed seeing the process of getting downsized, that was fun to watch
-The acting was pretty good, and had some funny commentary

The So So:

-I believe they missed out on a chance to lay a message about helping the environment from global warming, at the beginning of the story, I thought that is route they were going, but instead they focused more on the character of Paul Safranek, played by Matt Damon, who decided to go through the downsizing process, however his wife decided not to on the last minute, they could’ve played the politics and the severity of global warning with more of a focus, but unfortunately it didn’t, and focused more on being a humanitarian

What I Didn’t Like:

-Since the focus didn’t look at the bigger picture of global warming and how to help and focus on the character, it became boring and too typical of dealing with a guy who wanted more of a purpose with his life, I just expected better with that story
-Hong Chau, who plays Ngoc Lan Tran who was forced to be downsized, was really a stereotypical Asian with the broken English and what not, I understood her character, but found her too annoying and bossy, and I don’t understand why some critics are raving about her


I was engaged at the beginning for the uniqueness of the story, however, the payoff was just too boring. A missed opportunity to preach on global warming, and why we should take it seriously, but unfortunately they didn’t. I’m disappointed in that regard, but at least it was watchable for the premise of this story at the very least!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

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