Molly’s Game


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Molly’s Game has some great acting, interesting story, and Aaron Sorkin’s writing at its finest, if only the ending had a clearer picture of everything!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-Lets start off with Aaron Sorkin, I always loved his writing in his films, and for this movie it’s no different, but he also directed this movie, and for a first timer, he did pretty good, I was quite impressed with what he created, and who better to direct his great writing than himself
-The acting was awesome, Jessica Chastain as poker entrepreneur Molly Bloom was awesome to see, this film was made for Chastain to relish in this role, and it was entertaining to watch, Idris Elba playing her lawyer defending her was also a joy to see as well

The So So:

-The story was interesting to see the life of Molly Bloom as a professional skier to an underground poker entrepreneur, it was really engaging, which leads up to her indictment, the thing I had an issue with was one question, “Why should I care?” It did show how much integrity she has for the people she worked with and rather screw herself with anybody else, but when it is all said and done, what was the point of her character, didn’t really show that

What I Didn’t Like:

-The film can be all over the place, the lack of transitions had me questioning where I’m at in the story, especially in the beginning
-It also had some questions, especially how she get involved with the Russian mob?


I applaud to Aaron Sorkin’s writing and directing, and the acting of Idris Elba and especially Jessica Chastain. It’s just the ending that left me a little underwhelmed on Molly Bloom’s character, and other questions I had. Still, the story is engaging enough for me to sit through the beginning and end without being bored!!!

Rating: 4 Stars