The Disaster Artist


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The Disaster Artist is a funny comedy and a good drama as well about the great disaster film The Room, who knew this film about the making of it would be this good!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-For a comedy, it was hilarious, thanks to James Franco playing Tommy Wiseau, Franco captured his persona very well, and I was impressed with the way he handled his complex character and his weirdness
-As a drama, it worked very well, it actually captured some emotion for a film about the greatest disastrous film, the chemistry between James and Dave Franco (playing Greg Sestero) was very sincere and we can see the drama between two friends following a dream
-James Franco directed this film, and I was impressed with how spot on capturing everything that there is with the film, The Room, the acting, the clothes, and all the scenes in the film was perfection, Franco definitely did his homework
-The cameos in this film were great, from Zac Efron and Justin Hutcherson playing actors in The Room, to Bryan Cranston and Judd Apatow playing themselves, even Tommy Wiseau made a cameo, it was all very entertaining

The So So:

-I expected to laugh more with a film featuring the Franco brothers and Seth Rogan, but the mix of comedy and drama was very well mixed, but still I approached this as a comedy and expected to laugh more

What I Didn’t Like:

-Me being nitpicky, but there was lot of drama while filming The Room, and though they did show some of it, not enough, because Wiseau did fire a lot of people, and it briefly showed that, I guess I wanted to see more of the drama I guess


This film was funny and actually had some emotional drama. I give credit to James Franco not only for perfectly playing Tommy Wiseau, but for his dorection in really capturing all the shenanigans that happened while filming The Room. Lastly, it really showed about following your dreams, no matter what. Even though this became a funny disaster, you definitely give credit for the work people put in!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

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