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Unsane is uniquely put together film that peaks my interest, even though we’ve seen this story before!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-I give credit to director Steven Soderbergh for putting together a movie that is so simple, he filmed the whole movie with an iPhone 7, and still made it thrilling and interesting, the camera views does make this a unique experience
-Claire Foy acted very well, and you may here her name again in the near future

The So So:

-I give credit for a story that we have seen before, but the creepiness and questioning of what is real and what is not really made this a different blend of a horror thriller

What I Didn’t Like:

-There may be just a little too much dialogue that dragged on for a bit
-The third part of the film was a little too much slasher gore which I’m not a fan of


Yes it is a horror thriller that we all have seen before, but Soderbergh does put on a unique twist to his creation to really make this a special type of thriller. It is not scary, but definitely creepy enough to get your skin crawling. I still can’t believe that this was all created through an iPhone 7, that in itself is amazing!!!

Rating: 4 Stars