Ready Player One


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Ready Player One is a fun and nostalgic ride to enjoy despite its minor flaws!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The graphics and design in this film are amazing, the detail on everything is mesmerizing, I would recommend watching it in 3D
-It is nostalgic with so many famous characters it has, no matter what decade you grew up in, they have something for you to reminisce, especially for the 70s and 80s with the music soundtrack
-Watching everything being put together and being executed is a lot of fun to watch, my favorite part is the street race scene, it was mind blowingly awesome
-It was also pretty funny with their dialogue and action, it had me laughing

The So So:

-Yes the story was pretty basic, but the smart writing in a basic story is pretty smart, the different missions in the game and the puzzles to figure out is fun to see even though the story is the typical dystopian future kind of ordeal

What I Didn’t Like:

-It was lacking character development, especially with the protagonist, Wade played by Tye Sheridan, I didn’t start caring for him until you figure out how important he is, same with Samantha, played by Olivia Cooke, you didn’t start caring for them in the beginning, you really start caring about The Oasis game system before them
-There are some scenes that made me eye roll a little, especially with how lucky some of these characters are in their adventure


I really had a lot of fun watching this movie. Not only for the graphics and design, but it kept me engaged with how life is with this crazy game system called The Oasis and how it controls people. A good lesson for these Millenials to learn. With some good writing with a mediocre plot and the nostalgia for everybody, it is a fun ride while watching it. Steven Spielberg has done it again with another great and fun movie!!!

Rating: 4 Stars