My Long Overdue Worst Movies of 2017


Hey everyone, it’s time for my new list of My Long Overdue Top 10 Worst Movies of 2017. Yes they are overdue, and if you want to know the reason why, check out and check out My Long Overdue Best Movies of 2017.

I have to say this year there wasn’t any movies where I really hated. There wasn’t that one movie where it is horrendous or memorably terrible. In reality the films that made this list are mainly just forgettable. It can be due to bad unorganized writing, bad acting, or star actors just phoning it in. Who knows, but without wasting more time, here are my Long Overdue Top 10 Worst Movies of 2017.



Rough Night

I guess what’s really disappointing about this comedy is that it has a very strong cast. Even though the premise is trying to combine The Hangover with Weekend at Bernies together, it just didn’t work. The jokes were so crude that it was distasteful, and the story seemed to unorganized. I’m surprised that Scarlet Johansson actually took this role, but nobody is perfect. The funny thing is that they made another film with the same premise called Girls Trip and that movie had a lot better story, jokes, and feelings. So this film really has no excuse whatsoever in being this bad.



The Mummy

You would think an action film starring Tom Cruise would be fun to watch and what not. However, this film about a mummy is so bland and wreckless which really wasn’t entertaining at all. This mummy film made the Brendan Fraser The Mummy films almost great. The worst part, is that this was suppose to start off another cinematic universe called The Dark Universe featuring the Universal monsters. If this film is any indication for this universe, it is not to par with the DC Extended Universe, and that is saying something.



Just Getting Started

You would think a film starring Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones would be good right? Unfortunately comedy isn’t their forte. Honestly, I believe both actors were just being themselves living the life they want to live, that is being rich old people free to do anything. The ending was so Hollywood typical which really didn’t help their cause whatsoever. Stick with drama you guys, I’m sure your hearts would thank you.



The Snowman

I love Michael Fassbender, but this film will be a blemish in his great career as an actor. I give a lot of blame to the writing and the disorganization of the director. Mainly because this film that actually has brutal murders was still boring and unengaging. It was hard for me to remain focused to see what was going, and by the end should I even care.



The Boss Baby

Rant Alert. How can this idiotic of a story that is so ridiculous that even kids will think is stupid get an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Movie, and not The Lego Batman Movie get a nomination. I just don’t get it Oscars, I don’t get it, and you all made a terrible mistake. It has somewhat been a mediocre year for animated films. But this terrible excuse for a animated movie did not help its cause. let’s move on, before I get even more heated on this subject.



It Comes at Night

This was a case of overhypeness. It had great reviews for a “horror” film, and has a good cast, but for a “horror” film it wasn’t scary at all. It did seem to make a point about paranoia, but quite honestly, I didn’t get the point or the lesson it tries to give. Instead it gives me a mediocre film which I didn’t care for.



A Cure for Wellness

When you talk about distasteful weird movies, look no further than The Cure for Wellness. The story really didn’t make any sense to me and the weird and crudeness just added to their shame. It is also hard for me to take actor Dane DeHaan seriously. He always seems like a spoiled brat to me which doesn’t help this movies’s cause. To distastefully weird for my liking.



The Comedian

Robert DeNiro as a comedian just didn’t do it for me. His jokes were so crude and not funny, yet, the story of this film has him still famous because of his stupidity as a person, let alone a comedian. This is another case of bad writing and failed potential. Next time, maybe a real comedian will work better, not a respected dramatic actor. (I can’t believe I said that.)



Everything, Everything

This teen romantic drama is really making me lose hope in teenagers and their movie taste. As if Twilight wasn’t bad enough, this one comes close to it. This isn’t true love teens, and movies like this one is really giving you false hope on true relationships. The twist ending in this really got me truly upset with this whole thing. (Immediately throws a shoe at the wall.)



Fifty Shades Darker

Not only was the first one dumb and stupid, they decided to make a sequel. I just don’t get what is the biggest fuss about these films. To me it is nothing but dumb, stupid, terrible romance about sex and fetishes, and yet people still pay to watch this garbage. Please people, we are better than this. There is still one more film, and honestly, I’m not looking forward to it whatsoever. So please make it stop, for the goodness of humanity, make these films stop.

Well, I hope you all endured as I did with this terrible movies. I guess with this bad movies of 2017, it is a year of frustration. Cuz once the list start to go down, the more frustrated I get. Regardless, thanks for reading, and if you agree or disagree feel free to comment. Thanks again, and until the next time, I will see you there.