Deadpool 2 (Sidenote: Den of Thieves)


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Deadpool 2 is a fun and entertaining ride, even though the jokes start to get a little exhausting, regardless, fans will enjoy it!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The new characters like Cable, played by Josh Brolin, and Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, were the coolest new characters in this film, I just loved the grittiness of Cable, and the awesome action involving Domino, she was pretty impressive
-The fact that they added some emotion to this film was very impressive and adds a nice touch to it
-The action was fun and entertaining, and maybe more violent than the predecessor if you’re into that
-The mid credit scenes were hilarious, loved it

The So So:

-The comedy is what makes the character Deadpool so great, it has a lot of moments where I was laughing so loud, but after a while, it did start getting exhausting for me
-The first Deadpool brought out a lot of awe inspiring laughter with their schtick, for the sequel you get that too but it is more of the same, meaning if they make a third, it could get old, hope they can ignite the wheel and do something new

What I Didn’t Like:

-Predictability, more on that in the next section

SPOILER THREAD (Don’t read if you haven’t seen it):

-I knew that Deadpool’s girlfriend, Vanessa played by Morena Baccarin, was going to die, saw that coming from a mile away, same with Deadpool’s death, you knew he wasn’t going to die, and made that cliche way of time traveling to save a life
-The way they killed off X-Force was hilarious, though I’m a little disappointed that they killed off Terry Crews playing Bedlam way to early for my liking
-When they introduced the Juggernaut, that had me nerd squealing with joy, he was awesome until they hilariously took care of him, but even in that, it was disappointing to see him go like that
-Lastly, the quick cameo of seeing some of the X-men trying to hide from Deadpool was hilariously awesome


This is a fun and entertaining film for fans of the character to watch. Yes for me the comedy can get exhausting, but all the fun surprises will keep you engaged and enjoyable. Fans will not be disappointed. Makes me wonder if the Marvel and Fox deal come through if they will continue having Ryan Reynolds play Deadpool. I most certainly hope so!!!

Rating: 4 Stars


(Sidenote: Den of Thieves- This is a well put together heist movie with B-List actors, and a non heard of director. I like the contrast between cops and thieves, and seeing their ups and down in trying to achieve their goal. It is also an interesting story to see how the heist will go down, and how it was executed. With a pretty good twist ending. With all that said, it was a heist movie that didn’t bring anything new to the table. It is pretty typical, but it is still a good watch!!!
Rating: 3.5 Stars)

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