Uncle Drew


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Uncle Drew may have the most typical of  stories, but it does have some heart in it, especially from their characters!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-The characters is what really makes it enjoyable to watch, who knew that these former NBA players would have such chemistry (then again, its not that surprising) I especially enjoyed Chris Webber as Preacher, his charisma was perfect for this role
-With the character’s chemistry, it really had a lot of heart in the things they went through back in the day, and even now, it had some emotional moments for sure

The So So:

-The jokes were hit or miss, some of the hits you have to be a basketball fan to enjoy, but the misses were stupid sometimes as well
-Does Nick Kroll always have to be a douche in his roles? It works for him though

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story was worse than Space Jam (I love Space Jam for the record), it was way, way too formulaic, I pretty much predicted the movie’s plot right before the opening scene


If you’re a fan of basketball then you will enjoy it. I personally enjoyed seeing Uncle Drew’s team having fun with one another, it was funny and emotionally good. Makes me miss my times of playing ball (too fat to continue). Yes the story is too typical, but the comedy does barely keep it together to really enjoy what it brings out!!!

Rating: 3 Stars