Teen Titans Go! To the Movies


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Teen Titans Go! To the Movies will not disappoint fans and does bring some good satire on comic book movies, however the comedy is more stupid than clever for the majority of the movie!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-I like the satire the story brings when it comes to comic book movies and how huge it is in the movie industry now, and with their subtle jokes on certain heroes the comic book fanboys will laugh and enjoy
-I do like the homages they give to certain superheroes, it adds a nice touch

The So So:

-I haven’t watched the tv cartoon of Teen Titans Go!, but from what I always hear is that fans of the original Teen Titans really detest the more cartoony that Teen Titans Go! brings, after watching this movie, I can see why people detest, but with that said, I can see why fans of the cartoon will love it, and I do believe they will enjoy it thouroughly

What I Didn’t Like:

-The comedy for this animated movie was way too childish and stupid, the satire it brings really keeps it from being a disaster, a lot of the jokes I was rolling my eyes and sighing, way too many toilet humor jokes where only young kids will laugh their heads off, but for the adults you hear groans in perfect harmony
-The plot can be a very familiar cliched story all around


I believe fans of the cartoon and kids will enjoy what this animated film brings. For the comic book enthusiasts will enjoy the satire story for comic book films in general. Funny on the satire, stupid and childish on the rest of the comedy. Who knows what the future of the characters of Teen Titans will bring, but I’m intrigued to see a more serious incantation of this super hero group!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

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