Crazy Rich Asians


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Crazy Rich Asians is a good story that shares a lot about the Asian culture, despite its typical execution for a romantic comedy!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-I appreciate the Asian culture the story brings out, yes it deals with really wealthy people, but the characterizations it brings is really authentic where we can learn how and why they think a certain way, I like that they can become billionaires yet still keep a sense of culture and family
-I also enjoyed the cinematography of the city of Singapore, showing its beauty of the city, ocean and beaches, and all the culture it shows from a city where people may not have heard about
-The acting by their two leads, and the mom were pretty authentic dealing with today’s Asian and Asian American culture

The So So:

-As I said before, it is a pretty good romantic comedy type film which shares a unique view of the Asian culture, and having a girl trying to impress the mom, instead of the good old story of the guy trying to impress the dad, with that said, it still follows the same formula for that Rom-Com type of feel which can make my eyes roll, but the execution was pretty good where it shows minimal cliches, mainly the ending where it was too formulaic
-Some of the other characters showed some culture significance, but some really go through their personality stereotypes way into deep for my liking

What I Didn’t Like:

-The beginning part of the movie I did enjoy where they were denied a reservation to a hotel because of their race, it made me believe this is a kind of movie I was really going to enjoy, however, the rest of the film was really a rom-com instead of a thought provoking drama which kind of disappointed me and wonder what was the point of the beginning scene, only reason I could think of is character development for the mother, but it really wasn’t necessary


I can appreciate the culture and significance it brings for us to learn about the Asian culture of today. I like how their wealth doesn’t impact the importance of family which is something I enjoyed watching. Yes it is a romantic comedy that can be formulaic, but with that aside, you can sit down and relax and enjoy for what it brings, something Americans need more of nowadays!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

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