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A.X.L. had an identity crisis of who it is for, kids or teenagers, it failed on both sides of the coin anyways!!!

Rating: 2 Stars

What I Like:

-I did enjoy the motorcross races and stunts
-The CGI on A.X.L. was pretty good

The So So:

-I was intrigued to see where this story goes even though it reminds a lot of E.T., however, it just took a turn for the worse where things don’t even make sense, in the end, it really was just a huge mess

What I Didn’t Like:

-The acting was atrocious, didn’t feel any chemistry, it all felt forced with no feeling whatsoever


I was intrigued with the premise, however, once it started unraveling, it just didn’t make sense at all. It wasn’t simplified enough to make it a kid’s movie, and it was too convoluted for a teen movie. It was an identity crisis where I was ok if it just disappeared. It’s too bad, but at least you can enjoy some motorcross!!!

Rating: 3 Stars