The Predator (Sidenote: Breaking In)

Infrared vision showing The Predator creature & the Predator logo

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The Predator may feel different with lots of action, however, story seems too complex and too outrageous at the same time!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

What I Like:

-I like the development of the “Loony Group,” a group of former soldiers that suffer from post traumatic stress very severely, I thought these guys were not only hilarious, especially with Keegan-Michael Key in the mix, but their camaraderie with one another that they are good people even with their flaws, and the way they were executed is my favorite part of this film
-You do get some good, and really violent action as you expect from a Predator movie
-Even though this film is a little different than from their previous films, they still had some Easter eggs from their previous films that shows it hasn’t forgotten its roots

The So So:

-Yes this version of The Predator is bigger and stronger, but it didn’t really add nothing new to the table

What I Didn’t Like:

-The execution of the story was complex, but also for what the Predators needed in Earth was a little basic for my liking which takes away from the Predator story
-The action at the last battle of the movie was way too dumb and outrageous for my liking, they were points where I had my eyes rolling


For a Predator movie in regards to action, you will be satisfied in that regard. I also enjoy the funny comedy they put into it, and some of the “loony” characters it brings. The story does differentiate a little from what the Predator movies are all about, and made it a little more complex. Maybe in the planned sequels (let’s see how it does in the box office), it can explain more of where this Predator story goes!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars


(Sidenote: Breaking In- A typical save your family film. This time it stars Gabrielle Union as the protagonist against some robbers finding her dad’s wealth. The action is not bad, however, typical story, semi good acting, rushed execution, and some plotholes really didn’t make this a enjoyable film to watch!!!
Rating: 2.5 Stars)

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