The Mule

The mule poster.png

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The Mule is a good ride, even through the non scenic routes if you get my drift!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-I was intrigued with the premise, and it kept my attention on what will happen
-Clint Eastwood who acted and directed this film in his own fashion, was an easily developed character that has him like his character in Gran Torino, but with a little more heart and flair (wait until you see him dance) which can make him relatable

The So So:

-It is more of a drama, and it found a way to be a drama about drugs with little suspense, but the execution for the most part really made it watchable and interesting

What I Didn’t Like:

-Some minor annoyances like the lack of thrills, more development for the cops and the drug dealers, I never seen a main character that is so naive at times it is ridiculous
-As with dramas, there are a lot of slow scenes that for the most part didn’t pertain to the main story which creates a drag


It is a good watch. Just be aware of the same old characteristics of a Clint Eastwood movie, and that it is more of a drama than anything else. Once you get through that, it is interesting and enjoyable. Not much more needs to be said really!!!

Rating: 4 Stars