If Beale Street Could Talk (Sidenote:Dog Days)


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If Beale Street Could Talk, had great direction by Barry Jenkins and strong acting, however couldn’t get into the boring dialogue and unsatisfying ending!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-The direction of Barry Jenkins was sensational, I loved how he uses face close ups to really capture the emotions from the actors just like in his Oscar winning film Moonlight, I’m starting to respect his craft in making movies
-The acting was very strong as well, most notably KiKi Layne and Stephen James, their chemistry as lovers is very strong and genuine, and I pretty much enjoyed their scenes together

The So So:

-Not a big fan of non linear storytelling, but this one works very well and the transitions were very smooth

What I Didn’t Like:

-I couldn’t get into the conversations and dialogue with this film, it was too boring for me, and made me miss the point of why they are talking in a particular subject, made it really slow for me
-To top it off, the ending was very unsatisfying, yes it made the movie real, but not what I’m expecting, and made it disappointing for me


Barry Jenkins has a craft in making films, and I’m starting to respect him more and more. With all that said, I just couldn’t get into it with the boring dialogue. It was almost like reading the novel. The strong acting really kept it going for me to continue without dozing off. After all that, it was just a mediocre film at best!!!

Rating: 3 Stars


(Sidenote: Dog Days- It is a cheesy and corny movie involving dogs, and it is really what you can expect from a PG comedy. With that said, towards the end of it, it really preaches on the special bond between a dog and its owner. With all the different stories it brings and how they intertwine them, it actually brings some pretty good emotion towards the end. If you’re a dog lover, you will find it ok at the very least!!!
Rating: 3 Stars)