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Roma shows why Alfonso Cuaron is a great director, but a lack of a focal point really made have for lags then interest!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

What I Like:

-The direction of Alfonso Cuaron, I loved his movie Gravity for the special effects and raw emotion, but for this film he takes a more simplistic approach, what I enjoyed the most was these long scenes that were shot in one take which I know is not easy, but it creates an effect that is real and how everything flows right really makes it a great spectacle to watch
-For a first time actress, Yalitza Aparicio really played her role very well, she showed raw and true emotion with very simplistic acting, it worked in what this movie is trying to show
-The music it played really brought me back to the music my mom listened to when I was young

The So So:

-I’m not sure why it was all in black and white, maybe to give it an early 70’s touch, but I would have rather see it in color, it would’ve been more beautiful with the city landscapes and ocean, with that said, it is one of the crispiest black and white scenes I have ever seen

What I Didn’t Like:

-The story may have been way too simplistic for my liking, there were scenes that were powerful, but more than not, there were scenes that just dragged a lot, that is mainly because it really lacked a focal point for the story, some would argue her pregnancy, but too me it didn’t give it too much attention
-I wish it expounded more of the story of the family and why their dad left them, it was just a quick sub story and that’s it


This film shows the creativity that Alfonso Cuaron really has in his craft. It says that the story shows his upbringing through the eyes of a house maid, and he really created the atmosphere of it first and foremost. The simple acting of Yalitza Aparicio really brought a nice touch. However, a lack of focus in the story there were more scenes that dragged than showing power and emotion. I believe it can be a lot better, but we have to deal with what we got. I think for sure it will at least win an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, but not sure of anything else!!!

Rating: 3.5 Stars

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