Miss Bala

Miss Bala poster.jpg

Miss Bala isn’t boring, but it isn’t all that thrilling either despite a strong performance by Gina Rodriguez!!!

Rating: 3 Stars

What I Like:

-The beautiful Gina Rodriguez’s performance was awesome, I thought she showed true emotion, and does have what it takes to be an action star, she just needs a better role
-The cinematography showing the beauty of the city of Tijuana, Mexico is something new for people to see and appreciate

The So So:

-The story is interesting, but it is a run of the mill thriller dealing with Mexican Cartel dealings, we get it that the Cartel is nothing to mess around with, but show us why in a deeper sense other than bullies

What I Didn’t Like:

-Since it is a run of the mill thriller, it really wasn’t all that thrilling mainly because I pretty much knew what is going to happen
-The gangsters were too stereotypical, and the fact that they all speak perfect English really loses the authenticity of it
-Lastly, with them showing the beauty of Tijuana, they also show the bad side of it, and unfortunately, with this film, it was more glamorized


It was interesting, but it really didn’t give me the thrills I wanted. So in the end, it was whatever for me. The story seemed lazy, but it does make the character of Gina Rodriguez bring out her strong acting chops. I hope she can play a super heroine in the near future to showcase her broad talents. Until then will stick with this film with the lazy writing!!!

Rating: 3 Stars