Alita: Battle Angel (Sidenote: At Eternity’s Gate)

Alita Battle Angel (2019 poster).png

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Alita: Battle Angel is a visually stunning film that will keep you entertained from beginning to end despite its lackluster story!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-The special effects, CGI, and action were all visually awesome, I saw this in 3D and it really added a punch to your movie watching experience, the fight scenes and the Motorball action is stunning
-With Robert Rodriguez, who is known for his over the top violence, really had all the freedom to let these robots have it, for humans it is gore, but for robots I guess it is ok, regardless it is fun and brutal to watch
-The acting was great, I enjoyed Rosa Salazar as Alita, her fight scenes were a joy to watch, despite her CGI’d body which can be distracting at first, you forget about it and enjoy the character for what she brings to this film, I also enjoyed Cristoph Waltz as the robot engineer that recreated Alita, and that relationship it brings that adds to the emotional factor

The So So:

-The story was lackluster, and the main reason why is because they played it with a trilogy in mind, so because of that, we don’t have the full details, personally, I hate when movies do that, but in this case, I’m intrigued into seeing what will happen next, I want to learn more about this world and why the people are this way, what will Alita do? So yes, I want to see more

What I Didn’t Like:

-One part of the story that really annoyed me, was the relationship between Alita and Hugo, played by Keean Johnson, first off his acting is pretty bad, the relationship seems forced too, I mean how can a relationship between a human and a robot work, and his intentions in his life was very underdeveloped, does every story need a tweenish romance? I mean seriously?


A film written and produced by James Cameron and directed by Robert Rodriguez, expect some epicness in crazy proportions. You have a lot of great action, stunning visual graphics, and fun fighting scenes dealing with robots. Yes the story is lackluster, but I still enjoyed it for what it is. I hope it is successful in the box office so I can see what the sequels have in stock for the story it is truely trying to bring!!!

Rating: 4 Stars

At Eternity's Gate (2018 film poster).png

(Sidenote: At Eternity’s Gate- This is an interesting take on on the lat moments of painter Vincent van Gogh’s life. Have to say that Willem Defoe’s performance as van Gogh was captured very well, and the direction of Julian Schnabel was phenomenal. It is very artsy type of ordeal though that can make it drag a lot which made me lose concentration. With that said, this biopic the art lovers will love and learn!!!
Rating: 3 Stars)


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