Triple Frontier (Sidenote: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms)

Triple Frontier.jpg

Triple Frontier is an interesting story involving desperation, greed, and doing whatever it takes, but I wish it had more substance to really actually make me care!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Stars

What I Like:

-The little action you get, it was good enough to watch and see what happens
-The cast was good, you see a lot of chemistry and though their development were simple, it was interesting enough to see what happens

The So So:

-The story did have a lot of potential, but as the story was being executed, it really didn’t have a lot of substance with their problems during their heist mission, things about greed and desperation really all goes out the window once the movie ends

What I Didn’t Like:

-Some scenes did drag a lot as they are trying to figure out what to do next, really takes out the thrills on a supposed thriller


This film had a lot of potential, but after two thirds of the film I was checking out because I have to ask the question, “Why should I care about these characters and their mission?” It is a lack of depth in the story, and the one dimensional characters that really made me feel that way. With all that said, it made the ending just morally right instead of exciting or great fulfillment. Though a decent film, I still feel like the potential was wasted!!!

Real Rating: 3.5 Stars

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.png

(Sidenote: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms- This can be an abomination for the classic ballet The Nutcracker. Not only did they try to change the story to an epic, it was so boring and uninteresting that brings a lot of annoyances. One that comes to mind (can’t believe I’m saying this), Keira Knightley as the Sugar Plum Fairy was so annoying. If it wasn’t for their special effects, this film would be incinerated!!!
Rating: 2.5 Stars)

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