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Shazam! is a fun film with great action and emotion, it is a decent but sort of unique origin story!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars

What I Like:

-It is a fun film, the action was great and the comedy was pretty funny
-Zachary Levi was perfect in playing the hero Shazam, the way he blended his childlike to adultlike acting was awesome to watch
-I also enjoyed seeing Mark Strong playing the villain, Dr. Sivana, he was very intimidating and menacing, and let’s face it, do we expect anything less when it comes to Strong’s acting as villains
-The Seven Deadly Sins monsters were very terrifying, reminds me of the ghosts in the original Ghostbusters only with the special effects of today
-I also did enjoy the tie ins with the rest of the heroes in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), showing how much the regular people are fans of these heroes

The So So:

-It is an origin, but a very unique origin story of a kid coming to his senses and realize his true potential, in some aspects it is unique, but in other aspects it does seem like the cliched origin story, but in this case, the blend of originality and cliched works out

What I Didn’t Like:

-Just some small things that kind of bothered me, like was the Wizard to desperate and just gave his powers to Billy Batson just like that without testing him like he did with others before, that part seemed a bit rushed to me, and also how do all the foster kids with different ages go to the same school, convenience I guess
-You get the best with child acting as well, but it is crindgy at times

SPOILER THREAD (Don’t read if you haven’t seen it):

-One huge emotional part in this film is the scenes when Billy gets separated from his mother, and when he finally finds her and finds out the true story of his mom abandoning him on purpose was pretty sad, I liked the aspects of finding your true family that do genuinely care for you
-The other fun thing is when he turns his foster brothers and sisters into heroes as well really made it that much more fun in the final scene seeing adult act like kids and saving the world
-What a tease in bringing in Superman, but not showing his face, so I guess we still don’t know if Henry Cavill will continue playing Superman, lost of questions regarding the DCEU
-The mid credits scene we get to see Mister Mind, yes the caterpillar villain, teaming up with Dr. Sivana
-I’m a little disappointed that we couldn’t at least see a cameo of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Black Adam, makes me wonder if he is still part of that or not
-The after credits scene making fun of Aquaman’s power of talking to fish, I thought that was a nice touch


This is an entertaining movie that is a lot of fun, hilarious, and even adds some emotional punch. The surprises really made it worthwhile as well. The casting of Zachary Levi as Shazam was perfect, and I’m looking forward to future movies of Shazam, and see more of him in action. It is a film where you can bring your preteens to enjoy for sure. Until then let’s see what the DCEU will have in store in the future!!!

Real Rating: 4 Stars